Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Many Things And Charts Out There Askin About Who They Want Made Me Make Up One That Includes Me Youbetcha So I Got In On It And So Forth ...

Recently so many polls have been comin out askin those great folks in this grand land of ours across the country here how many GOP candidates we got goin here nowadays, and are there enough of them runnin around here campainin, like that Michele Bachmann who stole all my thunder there back then, and Mitt Romney up there with his big houses that aren’t big enough for him and so on, plus Rick Perry who kinda stole the thunder from that Michele Bachmann (who, again, kinda stole all my thunder there back then and so on, bless her and so forth with all those kids runnin everywhere and the headaches bouncin off her noggin up there, goin to and fro and such like a bat in a cave there), and also too the kindly Huntsman is also runnin out there still, plus also others who haven’t announced yet (LOutLOL) and others who I can’t think of anymore since most of the graphs and charts I care about have to be doin with me and whether or not I’ll be runnin from another office soon which I still keep danglin around like a carrot on a stick of cheese in front of a big mouse goin round and round in circles the way they do, round and round in a wheel and so forth, and goshdarnit, yaknow I thought it was about time for me to make one of my own measurements of this data — those that I found to be most popular with me and my snatchphrases and soundnibbles that I have become accustomed to, and the real Americans out there have become expectant of me to be with concernin these polls, because I must admit I find these statics to be quite amusin when I they are yaknow, broken up and down and so forth for my behoofs (by my handlers and packagers) and I do so get a cackle out there, with me bein down at the lower ends of such percentages shown, so graphic as they extemporale me to be, but youbetcha I do put myself directly in the hands and faces of the real Americans out there across this great land of ours which was so patriotically set down by our forefathers who did not have the benefits that we have here today now with the Reuters and the Harris surveys and the other things there with Paul Revere and such rides, or even the telegraph situations with those telephone polls ringin along there, and don’t forget the brave federal pony expresses gallupin’ along there (and bell ringin, I forgot about that earlier) so I do so feel that the strong faiths I allocate with the real American peoples at those places will show me and them just how and exactly up where they will want me to fit into the future and whatnot of our politics as they see it (and would want me to be a part in) yaknow to be able to be a great stick off of this great tree of liberty system we have here juttin out for us, and to so dearly want to take back, limb by branch and so on.

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