Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why Take Time Off From Your Job And Go Onto Vacations And Such To Martha’s Vineyard’s When You Can Just Quit Your Job And Do Things Halfway, Even Hobbies Right There In The Middle Of It Like I Did And So Forth...

Goshdarnit, while glidin along here upon my peripathetic bus, I pause and then start thinkin again soon after I snap back about the attention-gettin tictacs that my fellow Governor Rick Perry (except he had his governingship’s job a smidge longer than I did and whatnot) and also addin to those retractable things is all of the scene-stealin behaviors and crazy antiques that Michele Bachmann’s been tearin straight outta my playbook up and all over the lamestream medias these days, but first yaknow acourse —I just wanna say — bless her highly so, and so forth — what with all those multipludes of children to keep track of (and kudzus to her for doin that, especially with those horrid and mental stability-doubtin and debliteratin headaches she’s got runnin wild up in there, plus her husband bein outta the house workin who knows what hours, with his controversial clinics there takin government fundings and then him spendin it by tryin to turn this into that and so forth) so I'll take any kinda publicity that I can be absorbin throughout this great land of ours any old way it comes, as I travel from coast to shore on my immeasurable bus with our members of my family, all actively heritagin the national gratifications of the real Americans as we vantraipse along here with my pride and patriotisms sung so very dearly and closely to my heart and also to my phone plans, (but don’t get me wrong, we are no professional musicians or things like that and gosh, if you ever heard me sing you’d know youbetcha that I was no Stephen Songheim or anyone like that), but as we merrily go along, just as our forefathers would have wanted us to be, me with my porta-podiums to places whenever I goh and wherever I can set them up to stand and deliver my speechbursts and so forth,

punchanjudilly opposite from the bus shenanigans that Brack Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama’s doin, and plus yaknow, runnin off to Martha’s Vineyard’s and such places where I wouldn’t even probably be able to fit our great big huge mammoth motor vehicle onto (because it’s so exclusionary there — which by the way — I wouldn't have done anyhow because of my image to uphere to) therefore finally now, I bring myself to be rapidly trumpeted to ask all of you real Americans out there within the range of the sound of the thrashold of my voice, this important question which is yaknow, foundated upon the very own personal experiences from me, and here it is I ask you: why in the free world would anyone take a vacation from a full-time job and such, when ya can just up and quit, right in the middle of it, and then once you get freed-up up from those bindin ties, you can go onta do other things (to be able to do) that he did (right at the end of the summer economical tourist season there and all) so that’s why when I was asked about whether I would do such a disrespectfully arrogant thing to the hard-workin American people, I unanimously said these responses in reaction to him rubbin our noses right into it there (those noses which are also placed right in front of our faces) put out of joint (our patriotic noses in front of our real American-faced nose-faces out there) so of course when my opinions and updates were so dearly and rabidly sought after as they often are durin those primetimes when these controversial White House flares are sparked up by those Washington cabinets and so forth (with who knows what-all traditions and ceremonies and other mysterious rituals they’re doin and makin-over now in our nation’s capital there that we wanna take back and so forth concernin our presidencies) I expressed them from my position there under the lights and lenses and such other opticals (when I was specifically asked in those phrases and words) as to whether or not I’d ever be goin on a vacation there at such a time as this (as if I would ever be in that situation to do so, land snakes alive — which is why I do so love to go onto that TV show there because yaknow I feel as though they have elevatored me to soaringly elected offices) which then acourse gets those wishin and hopin and prayin ideas bachrached into the folk’s minds out there, it only makes sense that they continue to warwick my once dusty thinkin patterns and utterances (since, after all, I am springfielded over there at the Fox networks and so forth to be a pandit)

therefore I do garner up my thoughts and prompt myself to respond after carefully honin in on that vacation subject matter (of whether I woulda done such a thing like desert the American people) — well acourse naturally I eventually yaknow said youbetcha — no — I most absolutely would not have definitely and or certainly would have yaknow not (as if like I said before that I’d ever get the goshdarn chance anyway (LOoutLOL)), I mean about bein President and all, even though at present since I don’t want to step on Rick Perry’s toes or smash down on Michele Bachmann’s foot or anything, I still haven’t fully decided whether or not I’m gonna get into the races there once I get my mojones back from Governor Perry if and ever if he stops bein all Texas about things and plus also when I get those things back from that Michele Bachmann once she stops bein all whatever the heck she’s doin around here (bless her and whatnot) in those electoral traditions that we were chasin after, not so long, long ago that one time back when with Jomcain the Mavrik and Joe the Plumber and his identities up there with us on the rallyforths, stringin along with us like a third wheeler there, glimmerin with all the lights and the attentions and wireless microphones and other fashion-ready devices that I had bedraped upon me for my maximum exposurabilities (not discountin those markedly-priced chinstraps and neck-firmin devices and powdered means and so forth (and you ladies out there don’t be submissive and so on about makin the outsides look and feel like the insides of yourself look and feel, because as the famous sayin goes, “you feel as young as your looks make you feel” there)) with those continued whistlestops and weathered effects upon us then across this great land of ours, and besides, speakin of that big expensive wasteful bus that the President newly ordered at the snap of his big fingers with that big thumb thumbin his nose at us there, which again, Charlie, was such a, such a dearly big and squanderfully fritterful abuse of those precious American funds durin this nationally glum economy time and so on, and also don’t forget the recessionary things goin on here today to be able to do it at this poverted time (the lavish vacations, where he keeps goin away at, to places we don’t get into there and again, with his continued luxurious thumbs in our workin class noses toward us) so in this vane, I’m gonna delinernate some projects that I have done halfway, insteada runnin off durin full times I had, which is what I started off to make this entry a subject of when I first mentioned it, oh gosh, I’d say wayback about 15 miles down the road there — that it is to a large extent much more easier to quit a job and to be movin on up and so forth, than it is to just take a break from it (even though when you started it, you and many others out there thought you’d be havin a particular job for maybe even twice as long as you kept it) and aloofly jetoff on your secret service uneconomical bus, especially when there’s more opportunistic opportunities to take over and behoove yourself with, which is what I’ve been doin since resignin from the Alaska job that I rained over for specifically half of that elected time, so here at last, are some of those suggestions and maybe you can do them too in half of your spare time like I did trendfully so, such as for instance, NUMBER ONE, bakin a half a cake

since we know it’s so important to have mostly fair and balanced foodstuffs, but not in the way that Michelle Obama’s tryin to stuff foods into our children’s future mouths and down the real throats of the American people, I mean goshdarnit that’s just not gonna fly around the buttermilk anywhere near my tables and so forth near here, as I have said previously in regards to those ideas of hers that just tip those scales a little too far off balance toward our overweight national children and so on, but the half a cake idea is good because FOR ONE, it only takes half the time that you’d be wastin on it by spendin the full time on a whole cake, and then FOR ANOTHER, you could go on to do other things usin the other half of your bakable time that you didn’t use, for example here’s ANOTHER SECOND HALF OF AN ADDITIONAL IDEA BASED ON THE SECOND PART OF THE FIRST HALF here, intended for those people still with me, especially if you’re the kinda personality like I am, and also are always lookin for broadcastingly speechable attractions to be latchin yourself into, such as a carnival or sideshow or a state fair which I did recently there in Iowa and so forth

or or any old place that draws a mob — then gather round folks (LOutLOL) and listen to this SECOND IDEA HERE (HURRY HURRY UP AROUND HERE AND SO ON) so then how about growin half of a beard for your face

so then you could goh set up some stools and get one of those mountable podiums or such quick-buildable bleacher-like seatin arrangements, especially if there’s not enough room there in the parkin lot or you didn’t call ahead for the permits and so forth, and become a part-time sideshow attraction, since then you’d have all the local built-in natives captivated nearby and right there to listen to the text screechages across this great land of ours that propel out of my face, makin my pronoun cements heard, and plus it would definitely keep their attentions spanned and so forth for your talkin points (the half-beard) since they always would be wonderin which side of your face you were talkin out of (plus you could be doin it as part of such attractions or if a traveling show comes to town with oddities of nature which you could possibly do from a tent on a part-timed basis also only again, taking up half of your time) but if that's not for you, then ONE OTHER THING YOU COULD DO if you’re like me and you get sicka doin things before they’re all the way finished (and gosh most folks here that listen to and soak up my sound-wells mostly are like me), like say you're tired of presidin over a house which happens sometimes after the second year of doin somethin or whatnot, then you just could get rid of half of it but — however please do so be careful crossin the street though, 

because it could be dangerous to be doin it if you don’t look both ways, and the medias will have to restart their movie clips of you with the papparatzies askin ya to retake this and reshoot that and start over again so we can get a good shot and all of those Hollywood terms that they used also too with my movie premiere out there met with hostility and neglect, called “The Undefeated” which lukewarmly was received and faintly so by the public out there, which remind me, you could also half-do a movie there, FOR EXAMPLE HERE THIS THING TO DO when in the middle of a movie if you wanta, just get up and walk right out right when you want to durin the middle if it’s unbearable 

or just not worth it with all the high prices that those films and events cost, not to mention the retractable red carpet that we paid good money for thanks to the nationalistic and generous donations from our friends across this great land of ours,
so if you can’t donate as much as you’d like to, you can always donate half and so forth with these ideas that may provide some guidance as I like to do for the country and our nation, as the forefathers would have me do to hold the attentions of the history makers nearby and also in our not too recently passed ages of long ago were.

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