Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Just Don’t Know What’s Up These Days With The Way Yaknow, Folks Are Raisin Their Children And So Forth …

It seems to me goshdarnit, that if you’re gonna go around there and have kids and so forth, ya need ta guide em up in ways that will keep em out of those adult nude things that they aren’t ready for yet, so as to not have them set bad naked examples for their fellow young people out there in this great land of ours, and sadly and shockingly to me as yet now, some folks that I have come into contact with, some of these very people even over my breakfast tables and lunch nooks and even easy chairs, couches and throw-pillows, quite unbelievably and quite shockingly (to be frankly talkin about it here) have recently been exposed in the media (and I do so mean that term literary) and I really also really mean the kind of birthday suit type exposures that we see on those newsstands and back alley bookstores where the flesh peddlers continue to photograph and print those images and are able to show those flesh peddles, namely I mean if ya haven’t already figured it out and such (LOutLOL), I’m talkin about when that foe of mine and at times the brain of my existence, that fiancée but really off-again boyfriend of one of my daughters (Bristle) by the name of Levi Johnston, overshown below:

when he decided to go against my family there and slap us all in the face by turnin the other cheek so to say (LOutLOL) and then really doin so by droppin his drawers over down around there with his hockey stick showin durin that nude photo shoot that was for the so-called Playgirl and also so-called magazine around that time, and now recently to be followin in his naked and shamefully and equally uncovered big-brother barefooted footsteps is his sister now doin so, who’s posed for the opposite of that magazine, namely the so-called Playboy so-called magazine and so forth, which was foundered by Hugh Heffner over there with his mansions and rabbit-ears plus too all those unmarried girlfriends of his that live next door to him at the college inns that I hear they do, plus also too with the silicones and the lip plumpin cosmetics and such other things implanted up in places or somewhere like that to see, and then they go all over there (altogether) in the swimmin pools and party rooms and so forth, which so they tell me was in some way history-makin and culture doin in terms of the publishin industry and the so-called sexual revolutions and so on when they first began to be able to publish those things in the earlier decades of our history, not just in the barbershops anymore like they were back then, tastefully hidden on those chairs among the shavin creams and pomades and combs and hot towels, and takin into account also too how they brought these fleshy images about later in the mainstreams with their groundbreakin ways, but for many of us real Americans out there, it’s nothin but non-wholesome bodybits and parts of immoraxity and such erroneous zones up there that so many folks do choose to show off, (and that so many of us are forced to see too) by puttin their bodies onto display racks for money or fame or whatever reasons they do so and so on, and by doin so and so on, yaknow they are not able to bring up their kids in this great land of ours to be the patriotic and God-fearin and fully-clothed descendants that our forefathers expected of us to be able to be dressed with ourselves, especially back then with their powdered wigs and many heavy greasepaints and gums and animal ointments over their velveted garments and bustles with the long skirts and fans, and let's we not must forget masks of that type with hoopskirts and lace collars and such, which were the styles of the times, as captured on those paintings that our highly respected and beloved canvassed American museums do show us, upholdin our heritages and so forth, to be portrayed and painted from a historical perspective and such which was way before they had the inexpensive dirigible cameras and printers that we enjoy today with our clothes on, (except durin showers and such bathin appropriate times) but apparently some folks out there who just love to stick it to me and my family with their clothes off, with their interviews and naked opinions don’t much care about those upholdings and commonly decent values that I have come to respect that I just spoke about, and also those which I admire and drive around and promote again and again and again with, there on my big bus tours across this great land of ours, trumpetin our values, tootin constantly along the way, leavin in the air the essence of my leave behinds for the real Americans and even for all of the rest of the other citizens who don’t believe in our messages as such and so on, to intake and enjoy for, and to turn around and say “who did that?” with those quizzable looks upon their upturned nosefaces, and to them I proudly say, "I did it", as I walk into the windy sunset, like I would at the end of a movie which I just thought of how now it would have been a good ending to my recent movie which was greeted with much lukewarm and tempid responses from.

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