Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who’s Gonna Pull The Long Straw And Not The Short End Of The Stick In The Straw Pole Game To Get The Big Piece Of The Pie Chart In Order To Be Able To Be The President’s Nominational Winner And So Forth …

Gosh, is this ever excitin youbetcha with the straw pole comin up and plus my fellow Governor Rick Perry there (who actually twice as much outsat me in that job) with that stealin of thunder and whatnot that he’ll be doin over in Iowa from that Michele Bachmann (who kinda stole thunder away from me after I kinda stole thunder away from Mitt Romney that one time with my big movie bomb and entirely plus coincidentally premiered premiere of my biotale namely called “The Undefeated” (LOutLoL)), but cheese whiz it’s all such an excitin game for me to be playin at it though, and I’m just so excistatic and highspirited and such to still be able to be in it, up there chimin on with the folks who are actually and goshdarn seriously considerin actually runnin for high office and whatnot, instead of those folks like Roseanne was the other day when she said she was runnin (but that was nuts) since also please don’t forget about me and what I’ve said throughout this great land of ours about me still decidin about it (whether or not I’ll throw up my hat into the race) from place to place to follow in our forefather’s feet and to be exercisin our freedoms to run which is so very important to the real Americans out there and so on, which starts off in Iowa, where I think the candidates pick straws and then the one who gets the long one (and not the short end of the stick there) gets to run for the president’s nomination so that we will be able to yank it back from where it is now also, (or so that’s how I understand it anyways from where I sit on my immense bus goin from place to place, up and over the hills and hollows of this great nation of ours, stoppin only to refuel our tanks, both figuratively and literary, for this great nation hasta yaknow get back on up there in the sidesaddle youbetcha there or even bareback) (not that there’s anything up there I wanna get into right now and so forth until I do or do not decide to become a serious candidate option, so as to whether I think it is a good or bad thing to be able to choose those things for a style of life or not so to choose them or to not be able to in this land of ours I won’t comment upon now, even with free choice and whatnot which is another subject entirely, so as not to throw off my trains of thoughts here I think we’ll just get back to) airin out my points about the Rick Perry “will he or won’t he” issue here, which has galverized our political lectures, as well as our speechtints and leaninwords as we see them poppin up into the media which empermissions me to be able to comment upon these important issues of the day that the real Americans need to hear about, and more importantly, for them to be able to hear what I have to say about them, as those folks who do turn up to hear my pronoun cements from statewide areas still do keep me up in the discoursery, to be a surveyable person in the political field out there, sometimes croppin up on a big pie chart thrown up on the news programs with my name and then a line, and then a percentage number next to the line which is next to my name which is also at the end of a line next to that pie, as to what I feel about those things (besides hungry because I was talkin so much about pie now (LOutLOL)), compared to the other declared candidates, or whether those folks out there who do take part in the poles answer a question about me, thus makin yaknow, my percentage numbers beside my name (beside that line) for the scores to be higher-up, which is a much different competitional race than the presidential announcement competitions ratchetin up there to be the subject of coffee table discourssions and the ‘water cooler’ and coffeetalk breaks from those places that do the bottled water offerings for the employees in those very offices where we need to get up and movin moreso employment-wise, especially durin these depressed economical eras and also too the budget gaps we find our country ladelin into because of those rehibbable procedures that the Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa administration has continually thrown down for us to pick up and put back from where we have had to bend over and take it up, and then put it back onto the shelves from where he threw them down from, which is correctly what our forefathers would have done from their antique shelves with those water bottles and other canteens and revolutionary gourds and flasks of the day that they would have used back then, tryin not to spill those precious drops of freedom that those patriotic ancestors of ours spent so much of their time on, writin them all down by hand with those feathered pens of liberty, graciously and patriotically donated from the eagles who so gallantly gave their quills for the etchin in of freedom’s vocabulars, to be inked upon our soles and heels of our patriots which we follow now, like a tatoo’s permanent reminder of our heritage, one podium at a time’s worth from my standpoints anyhow, as I do it and I step out there and am able to do these things.

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