Friday, August 26, 2011

Yaknow, I Just Think Goshdarnit, That I Owe It To The Real Americans Out There In This Great Land Of Ours To Do A Heck Of A Job With My One Notion Bus Tours And So Forth …

Today youbetcha we are faced with so many current things out there just this minute these days, like the impensive hurricane Irene lately, and I find myself also equally pressured to perform a public service with my big bus tours and speeches that I go to and fro about, from place to place with the various members of our family there or maybe followin nearby in some other mote of transportation there, from east to west in this glorious land of opportunity, every one of which I take for myself, in an effort to speakout and trillforth my values and ideas on current events and those yaknow, those effects that the real American folks out there need to hear and are so desperately seekin until we take our country back, therefore I have been goin to those places lately to check in and see if others out there are doin a heck of a job with their viewpoints, in a fair and balanced effort to take those rumors that I am a “One Note Susan” again, so desparately seekin only one thing (to take back our country and turn it back into what it was before it was turned into what it is now and such ways that we tried to get it goin back then with Jomcain the Mavrik, who has been recently been hoistin up in the news once again, from time to time but of course without me there with my lipsticks and pitbull punch lines and snazzy jazzy outfits, all budgeted and strapped in there to catch the eye of the nation the way I did which is the way that Michele Bachmann seems to be doin for a while there, all up on those stages sayin her things about wantin to be President, even with those terrible headaches she’s got with all those kids runnin around there and then of course the migraines bouncin off the walls there, but yaknow like the kids say with the tweetin and the bookfaces there, “whatevrrrrrrrr” in those abbreviated texted ways of our great American youths out there whose futures we have to protect and so on) which is why I have made some very crucial stops along the way there on my bus tour to check in with the pulse of the nation, and also to disprove those notions that I only appear on those shows which put me up into a good lightin situation which is exampled by my recent visit to the controversial Rachel Maddow Program:

and also too with the impingin Hurricane Irene bearin down upon us like one of those Mama Grizzlies (LOutLOL) there, I decided to check in to see if FEMA is doin a heck of job out there under Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama, because let’s face it, he’ll be rubbin it in our faces if they do a good job there, not like that other time when folks didn’t do such a heck of a job there which we all remember but of course yaknow, try to forget in this era of big government where I’m sure those fellow governors out there (but they kept their jobs full time) will politely decline those pernibbious federal funds comin from our large governments there concernin the hurricane, but no matter, I did check in to see what FEMA was up to

and oh golly this is so excitin now, just sit down and wake up if you're standin and so forth and listen to this because I had a celebrity sightin of a sort, with that weatherman over there from The Weather Channel, the one always gettin blown about by this storm and that tornado and such, always bein so close to so many vortexes, Jim Canoli I think is his name,

so naturally I thought I’d stop by to see how he was doin in Batteries Parks City scarin and preparin all our friends and also too all those liberals up there, which reminds me folks to please do go and stock up on those essentials if you haven’t already done so by runnin as fast as you can in a flopsweat panic (so’s you can get to the head of the line) gosh, yaknow thinkin back, we usta do that with my kids if we were in a hurry and didn’t wanna wait in line (LOutLol) for stuff there, makin all sorts of disturbances till the manager comes over and says “What seems to be the problem Ma’am" in a real businesslike voice, and then we’d start messin up the place and gettin to the head of the line and on with our business there — oh, good times, good times ya know and so forth that we did back then there — so then now here we continue on with my travels unless the weather gets too dangerous and blows our big bus into some gulley or somethin in this great land of ours which we do so hope will not happen as we spread our messages, carried by those fierce winds of freedom and liberty, as our forefathers would also have made such wind.

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