Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gosh, Yaknow It’s Just So Astonishin And Full Of Nostalogy For Me To Be Back Connected Together Again And Painted With Comments And To Be Able To Add A New Wrinkle To Jomcain’s Mavrik Statements For Another Goh-Round Just Like Old Times There Bein Not Forgotten And So Forth …

Gosh, yaknow it’s just so darn great to be taken nostalgically back down to the glorious ole historical places of yesteryears past, where I can look away, look away back there to when it seemed like, yaknow just yesterday and so forth when I and Jomcain the Mavrik, plus Joe the Plumber, if that really is his name (LOutLOL), with all those handlers and packagers around, when they were over there pokin and paintin and powderin at me, while we were swingin away and such at the alteriors talkin against us then, and so then now and quite recently, to be able to hear Jomcain’s purciteful and wizened statements there, so — gosh — so goshdarn strongly about how the leadin from behind there with Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama was goin, and then additionally havin Jomcain tyin it all up like a big sack there,

goin along with those beefed-up statements by our congressional leaders expressin thanks to almost all these other countries their for there success over they’re — while sayin that we didn’t do this fastly enough (which I’m gonna hafta be fully briefed-in on before I release more commentfrags concernin those important topics) but the imported thing is for us to be keepin up the pressures on Washington and to continually be shovin out the constant Pushmipullu-type aggressive policy loads in the general direction of all those doolittles in our current government of today’s time that need to be left behind on those politicos and pundants that we hear, until we can capture it and take them back from both ends there to go and do our business again.

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