Monday, August 8, 2011

So Now Michele Bachmann Gets To Be On The Controversial Covers Of All Those Magazines That I Used To Be Able To Be On, Also Too Perhaps She Looks Like She’s Angry or Somewhat So With The Crazybrows And So Forth …

Gosh yaknow havin been through this type athing before in somewhat similar traditions and so forth, I really do have to deposit down my two cents here about this matter with the covers and poses and photographic images and items about how the lamestream media is guilty of capturin us celebrities and political folks such as we, with the way that they do things there, kinda shockingly unflatterin and unyouthfull there with all the wrinkles and worry lines which can be a real headache youbetcha, but with all those kids to look after and such who can blame her, also I do wish her all the luck in the world and so forth, (and this is not the way we are toward one another, by the way)

because with all that coverage that Michele Bachmann is gettin nowadays which was kinda the same as the saturated press blanket of attentions that was heaved up and around my cavalcade way back then (when folks out there usedta be able to pay attention to my trills before she stepped up into the scene, announcin about candidacy this and runnin for that (LoutLOL) and so forth) so if she did wanna look that way up there like the provabrial deer in the eyelights and all, then good for her and whatnot because I don’t hear her complainin out there bein on the cover like I did, because there’s no such thing as bad publicity or so my tellers keep tellin me, from place to place across this great land of ours, (lamestream media unwithstandin) and so forth, because similar as to how the song goes, sung in olden times previously by that great Broadway Star, Ethel Merlin, “There’s no Business Like Bad Publicity, Like No Business I Know” is appliable here and now, since to be exposed out there with any and every cover of a magazine havin the potentialness to reach out to another group of audiences and spectralizin the enlargement broadbasedness of the future voters out there, plus more importantly to be able to get elected those politicians that will get us back on the right tracks that we have been disrailed from, ever since the Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa administration rode into town there with their Hummers and other flashy hip hop gas guzzlin blingcars driven by the likes of the guests that I saw he had at his big wastefully out-of-control-spending birthday party with the other day, (which was on the cover of that newsworthysome newspaper) which was kinda scary to look at with all of them in a row like that, makin us all to be thinkin that the government is bein taken over by all that radical musical fringework, changin the fabric of our country and windin the bobbin in those strange ways unlike those needles and threads woven in at first by Betty C. Ross there, with the flag containin the not as many stars as there are today (much differently as our flags of now are currently so), and now with the way things are goin it’s good to be able to get the exposures out there on the magazines and media vehicles no matter how old or wrinkly you look, just as long as the messages and speechbits that you get on out there to folks reach the places they belong to be heard in by us.

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