Sunday, August 14, 2011

It’s Great, Just Great And I Could Not Possibly Be Any Happier Than I Am Right Now That Michele Bachmann And Her Group There Got To Be The Big Winners In Iowa So Good For Her And Here’s A Great Big Heck Of A Smile Goshdarnit, And So Forth …

Youbetcha, I’m just so goshdarn glad and happy and whatnot for that Michele Bachmann yaknow, drawin the longest straw over there in the straw pole in Iowa, servin up all that food, provin that sayin from that baseball movie about “if you feed them, they will come” and so forth, and I do wish her all the best, I really do and such things to come her way which I forefathered earlier when I was gettin all the buzz and such, but I still do manage to create a stir when I go from here and there in my big bus, like when the State Fair was goin on there and the reporters and the cows were all lowin and the reporters were all followin in my trails there in the barn with the folks askin for my autographs and whether I’d be runnin for office which I still haven’t decided yet for practical purposes and so forth, but did I mention I was so glad for that Michele Bachmann winnin all the attentions there, I mean it’s such an accomplishment and all what with that buncha kids to look after and then there’s the headaches which were shown on that magazine cover which was so controversial the other time there with her on the cover bein able to be all national in the headlines, also too in the newspapers (all of ‘em) and gee, it’s just so great for her to be advancin there with her things that she gets on up there and makes speeches about, and by the way we are good friends and I do so admire her and her accomplishments that she’s done years after my doin them, pavin the way and so forth for these things to be able to happen in this great land of ours, echoin my things that I used to be all sassy and up in the faces of the folks around there wherever I went, doin this and doin that all over the continent here, makin movie premieres and reality shows and so forth, heh heh yeah, it’s just great to be able to be on out there among the real Americans spreadin the messages, from the Grand Canyon where ya can yell “Hello out there, is anybody listenin to me anymore out there and so on” and then ya wait for the big echo and such reverbs to come backatcha with the voice of the people which we do so admire on our trips there and other historical places once we get the parkin permits and find a car wash that can polish up the bus, cause youbetcha ya can’t just drive one of these monstrosities up to any old carwash and just go on in there to get a wash and a buffjob, ya gotta plan these things ahead of time, like I guess that Michele Bachmann did the other time when they were havin the first debates and so on, back then when she mentioned that she’d be filin presidential papers and whatnot, so I guess that was the first time she kinda took the shine off my boots back there, and now to be where she is now, winnin the votes and servin up all those county fair type foods and havin Randy Travis do some songs and everything there that would get the folks into the tent, bein on her side and all which happens when ya put on such dog and pony shows and et cetera, makin a lotta noise and stirrin up the folks like she does there, heh heh ya it’s just great to be able to sit back here and watch it all happenin right there in my face and so on, right in front of me where the folks are lookin at what she’s now currently doin, so yaknow again, bless her heart and so forth to be able to carry that spear that she talks about, with that metal spine she has there which she speaks of from time to time which I guess is a good thing, but it sounds like some kinda replacement surgery or somethin, which maybe would make some folks kinda nervous about havin that sorta person in charge a things ya know, with metal parts and plastics and such, because I’m just thinkin out loud here about the betterments for our country here, and again, I do wish her the best, I’m just sayin that if she’d be a threat and whatnot to the airport security systems and mechanical devices they have there that it just may perhaps be a matter of concern there, but I guess her team has thought all of that out prior, they seem to be smart folks she’s got there workin things, so I guess they did think things through ahead atime with the Randy Travis star makin guest appearance and plus the food tents and speeches and things that she came here equipped with which I guess costs a lot of dough, what with the prices so high these days, no thanks to Brack Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa and folks like that up in Washington today, so I have to wonder where she gets all that cash from and all, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that I wonder where it all comes from, what with her husband runnin that clinic which can’t take in that much money, and such donors that are on those lists with the limits of how much you can get, and this and that and the other things to be, I don't know, investigated maybe out in the open here with an official inquiry and such, but I’m sure it’s all on the level and gosh, again I mean it when I say I just could not be any happier if I tried to about her developments and advancements here as we roll along down the campaignin trail there, onto 2012 where we’ll see whatever those other folks do so that I can continue to be able to talk about them some more, and then decide to be able to be endorsing, or commentin on them or maybe even stickin my big fat toe in there for whatever works out better to keep me goin down that long and windin road there in the big bus that takes us on not just these, but other family traditional vacations that we do, and also the good times that we have when bein able to be all together with the kids and the media and so forth around those places.

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