Friday, August 5, 2011

So I Guess Now Just Anyone Can Say They’re Gonna Run For President, Even Not-Professional Politicians Like Roseanne Who Said That She Was Gonna Do It Recently And So Forth …

Goshdarnit, I just think that it’s not good politics when folks around here don’t take it seriously when runnin for President, such as the case yaknow now with Roseanne over there in Hollywood or Hawaii or wherever she’s from these days sayin golly, she’s gonna be runnin for that office and so forth now, especially when it’s the President’s office that she’s talkin about and they don’t even mean to be serious yaknow, because youbetcha if I was ever thinkin about to gonna be doin such things (which I’m not sayin I will or won’t do soon but stay tuned in case I do decide to rollout such things and such) I’d buy gully make a long and mostly serious mania frenzy about it, where I’d probably go on tours for example in a big bus or similar to those vehicles, and then I’d attend movie openin nights to build up some steam (even if the movie would be a “tanker” or so they say in the traded papers which compute such “box office bombs” and “lead balloons” and “rotten tomatoes” and “real stinkers” and so on) to be able to get the real Americans on board so that when I did actually or didn’t make an announcement about runnin from office I’d be sure and have the folks behind me and in somberly ways backin me up there with donations and things like that Michele Bachmann seems to be doin for real since she made that broadcast and stole all my air from beneath my wings and so forth the other night when they were all up around there on the stage sayin all those debatable things about what they would be doin if they were to be elected President, and who gets to be Miss or Mister Congenitality and Most Photographic and so forth in this great land of ours (which our forefathers looked ahead toward although perhaps they didn’t know it yet at that time, since it was in the past when they were doin it) which should youbetcha be taken seriously, and not dilly dailied and blown up for some kind of publicity stunted event, or attention gettin, diddlin around or such other things that could be taken to look like someone was just tryin to milk the celebrity from the publicity cow’s udder down there, and would only be in it to gardner attentions and get some more milk money squeezed out of things like that media cow back there in the attention gettin barn, by writin books and appearin on shows and news programs and makin controversially-teated comments on the things that those liberal lamestream media folks push on out there which (on the hole) go extremely largely unchecked until we get all made up for the lights and video cameras and so forth, to sit in chairs in front of pictures of mountains or lakes and such vistas with our rear projections out front there, and answer those questions given to us in such forms that the questions are so much like the answers that it’s kinda fun and easy to be a part of the literary commentin clubs and political discos across the nation representin those things that we believe in (which is why I kinda like it and so forth plus also too I must be honest about it, because it’s also profit-sharin for me) and want to take back from Washington, that is, take Washington back from where it’s been movin over to since those high hopes, apple pie in the sky days when we were on the complain trail with Jomcain the Mavrik and Joe the Plumber or whatever his job was up there not so long ago which feels like forever, when I was flotsammed up into the public’s eyes and ears and other places around there which unleached a torrid of feelings and emoticons out there which made us all rise up with the rallies and the signs and the tea parties and such things to be chantin, plus when we wore those hats and sold those buttons and tea shirts, gettin our message out around there, tellin the Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama administration and the current liberal pals and cronycats around there just how mad and overfededdly up we got to be, throwin monkeywrenches and such into the debt dealin talks the way we did the other time, gettin our way and makin our voices heard on out there to help make things get the way we want them to be (which was the way they were before all of this controversy happened with celebrities now, thinkin they can just announce whatever they want to and just go and do them like we are seeing) which I think is really to be takin the advantages of the advantage of havin freedoms of speech that our aforementioned forefathers gave to us, and stretchin them a little bit to far, as they please due to those policies we become stirred up about.

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