Sunday, August 7, 2011

Even Lewis Black Won’t Touch Me With His Big Ten Foot Comedy Stick And So Forth …

Youbetcha I'm just chucklin and (LOoutLol)in and so on about all these folks over there sayin this and that about me, and then also too while takin breaks from countin all my money and rollin in all the cash dough plus such things to be able to be in the spotlight for (still for me to continue to be doin them now), plus havin stories scripted about me to this day and those stand upped comedians and so forth in those blogged and twittered ways from those jokesters and lamestream media types (and folks of that elk) that go round mockin me and wonderin what my next move's gonna be, imitatin and hangin on my wordstrings and yap-ropes and such, and askin about ‘will I be runnin for this or from that in 2012, (LOoutLOL)’ and so yaknow, just keep em comin out there in this great land of ours folks, where it only can happen here in America (for me to be still up there in the ‘top of mine’ like the advertisement folks say, or so those mad men and gals tell me) for me to be able to be out front and center carryin on what our forefathers laid out there for us to go on out there and get, and sometimes I can even lie back there in my big gigantic bus just lookin at things goin by there and so forth, just laughin and laughin in all their faces, till the cash cows come home to roost and so forth because there’s no such thing as bad publicity with that comedian there sayin even he wouldn’t be makin jokes about me cause then he’d haveta admit that I am a real person and so forth, right in his face and all which I kinda find humorfull and I can of course yaknow laugh at it bein suchways, butcha know, now that we’re bein entered into a real serious time with our credit line bein all mashed up and so forth, and while there’s still no clear blamestream for me to be be paddlin down (or up), I do have some time to wait and see what the folks out there are gonna latch onto as to who do we pin this donkey’s tail onto (wink there’s a hint there (LoutLoL)) before I know who’s party line to be tyin myself too, dependin on which way the shows and extravaganzas that I connect myself up with give out their editorial viewpoints and blametips and so forth, so that I can be able to chime right in with my very own support of their anti administration phrases, once I’m told what they are to be, with wordings of my own voice, with my signature style and zinger-type quicksounds that can be held in the public’s mind over there and quoted as comin from me when I’ll be commentin, once I do, again, know exactly what to be sayin about this or that latest recurrin and again once more again current frightenin and shockin thing that we say that Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa’s doin over there in the White House that we don’t agree with, from our standpoints and such, but at least I do know that some of the things I could say will be about the moody investors out there and of course the A&P devaludin our national credit card interest rates and fees as I understand them to have done the other day, with that standard pour measurin thing they use to judge the different countries and what they owe China and the Soviet Union over there, which maybe after all I did say that I can see from my house and so forth, but with my many travels across this great land of ours I hardly have enough time to be on my porch there, plus with the security fences and satellites that we hadta install and also too the motion sensors in case someone wants to slip on in there past the barricaves and ask me a not pre-screened question there, like that one disasterful time with that Katie Couric with her gotcha journalism styles and so forth (which were certainly not the types of styles of journalism that I studied about while goin after my degree back there durin those times which have held me in good steadfastness) tryin to trip me up with facts and information and particulars and newspapers and figures and so forth that she and her crow knees go on about things there in Lamestream Media Land, which is where I guess they all come from, all sittin up there in the Lamestream Media Motel there, with the ice machines and so forth down at the end there, and the fake grass carpeting on the balconies as we find from place to place when we get a chance to pull over, since their lines of questionings seem to be made to be able to be stacked against us real Americans out there from coast to shinin sea as I am wanted to say from time to time, but that’s because I do so very believably believe in these things myself, from the bottom of the barrel there, aimin straight from my heart targetin and reloadin to the people, for the people out there wherever a podium must be put up for me to get my points out there to, real or imagined in this great and wonderous world in which we proudly call ourselves Americans here, are my main focus places to get into.

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