Monday, August 1, 2011

Now That Our Debt Is Sealed Up, Should We Start Fresh And Wash Up Our Way Of Doin Government Things And So Forth …?

Well goshdarnit, now that the debt sealin tricks and whistles have blown overwith, and by golly I guess I’m glad to be washin my hands of that program, I’m glad that the overspendin won’t start leakin and so forth anymore cause of whatever glue or mucilages and such things they use up there in Washington, so we can be able to rest easy now and get back to me sayin things about the upcomin presidential races and if I will be runnin or not, but youbetcha I have had to put a lot of thoughts into this decision-makin decision such as gee whiz — can I take out so much time from my busy money-crankin schedule that I do from coast to coast on my big bus tours and public address systems still to be able to make such a serious decision to defeat Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa which I think I could be able to do definitely if I were to go into it (if I did put forth out there some explanatory commissions and such things that serious candidates do put forth when decidin to be committed) like when Michele Bachmann back then with her debatable skills on parade up there the other week announced that she was gonna do some paperwork or some such filin thing goin on there soon to put forth and announce her candidacy for the president’s job of president, even with all those kids to keep track of back at home, as she has been doin with her husband and his daycare places that the folks go to with their vouchers and coupons and medicades and whatnot, stealin all my thundra the way she did there and so forth, when I was kinda diddlin around with my sayin yes maybe I dunno, okay I will, I won’t say yet though, keep tunin on in there and see what I’ll be doin, have those handy remotes handy folks out there (LoutLoL) kinda stringin folks along like a bass on the end of the anchor there, twistin in the wind and so forth, garnerin all sorts of attentions and such and still kinda sayin no maybe I would or won’t be doin it for 2012, since our country needs so very much to be brought into a new direction with some leadership, like that one time when we were tryin to do those things back then before my movie came out at the premiere the other week (in case ya missed it like so many folks of the public did across this great land of ours), but at that time then, when the current last election was (before it was counted up I mean) where I guess, yaknow we kind of didn’t pay attention enough to the other side as much as we should have when I was narrowed down and plucked out by Jomcain the Mavrik to be the female Hillary Clinton there on the GOP side of things, which we just thought would be the nationwide craze like those dances of yesterfore, bein namely The Twist with Chubby Checkers doin those gyroscopes which caught onto folks everywhere and such (like the hula-hoop did some time ago later to that), but alask, that didn't happen to be the bored-out facts where we could just show up on out there in front of the American people and that the Trend would Wisk us all up into office there, which would have been Fab if we were to Gain the Cheer of the American folks, but the Tide of the country seemed to go against the Breeze blowin to the left, if you catch my Dreft here in the politics Biz, (if I may be so Bold to say) because in my opinion, there’s too much internet Surf activity takin the place of real research by the potentiary voters in this great land of ours) although we so did try to give it our All up until the Cascade of votes to the other party was in and counted which made me in particular yaknow wanna Shout our message here and there youbetcha, to keep our message Sunny and ready to meet the Dawn every day before we would Finish speakin on our tours over there from the podiums and other sites, bubblin up to the surface to put some Zest and Joy into the folks and also too into the electoral pools of our future children that many of us will be havin and raisin (even up through the Seventh Generation of our family trees and so forth) to be tellin them the truth of how the cycle goes in the government halls up in those Ivory towers, to permanently press these beliefs into them and to the folks rangin all the way from the Lava fields of Hawaii to the other side of the Dial there, but the Tone of things just wasn’t workin, and even I wasn’t able to be the Lifebuoy that gave the Bounce to the republican parties that they so dearly needed (even though we believe we are 99 and 44/100ths percent right about the issues there) but Lux was not with us then, and since I’m all about lookin ahead to what we can do to Safeguard our country’s future and whatnot, we should keep in mind our forefather’s visions that they had back ago to see what we can do nowforth, whether we be hawk or Dove (to be politically speakin which is appropriate here I think) and to never Softsoap the issues that the hardworkin real Americans out there do when airin out their dirty laundry of frustration about how the government’s goin and doin things which may be tearin the American fabric into shreds all over this great nation, makin lint and a fuzzball patchwork quilt out of our country these days which we have seen happen over the recent courses of things occurrin.

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