Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So Good Now, Since Our Economics Are Gonna Be Gettin Rated With Three Stars And So Forth …

Boy, howdy and am I ever glad youbetcha (after it was explained to me between scheduled appearances) that the ratin agencies and so forth which can be so moody and goshdarn cranky have decided to keep the AAA ratin on the American bonds and stocks and bank balances and such things that regulate our money lendin policies and overbroad spendin deals that they got goin on over there in Washington since the debt sealin problems that I was told of were worked out, and so after a while when I got the hang of it, I did and do now so very much enjoy to keep touchin upon them in my speeches and statements and public outcries for any kind of attention these days goshdarnit, largely in part due in part largely to that Michele Bachmann pullin all the attention-gettin taffy that I used to be so famous for pullin, way back then when the lights and cameras and questions (well gee whiz not so much with the questions come to be thinkin about it cause that’s not in my strong suits there or so they keep tellin me and whatnot again and again and again and again and again and but anyway (LOutLoud)), she’s been goin round there doin what I was pioneerin and trailblazin back when I was in the limelights durin those times ago, but gettin back to what I was leadin up to before, it reminded me in my head of a comparable thing with those same letters bein AAA which brought back to me the automobile club letters that ya call when ya run off the road that Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama’s been drivin us down, or when ya haveta get one of your kids towed up out of a ditch and so forth or whatever they were doin over there, (not bein personal because the kids in the White House can’t be old enough to be drivin quite yet so I don’t mean them, I just mean in general) (and plus not meanin my own kids either too by the way also) (so I was just usin a comparison type thing there to paint a mental picture image) so anyway, that agency bein the one that helps ya out when you’re not able to be steerin so clear on the road and goin astrange as we have been goin economically speakin, since the Democrat way of doin things has been pushed into the White House, startin back durin and immediately then after the election that we ran along with, tryin ta keep up with the steamroller type wave of things nippin at our coils back over there when I was doin and sayin those zingers about the lipsticks and plumbers and hard-workin real Americans from east, north, west and south, and real jobs, not like the community organizin ones, (remember that “ouch, oh no she did not” type one-liner) (“burned” or so the kids say it that way and such) (LOutLoL) (back and forth) to be cross-stitched along this great nation of ours with its peoples, filled with hard-workin regular human folks out there like you, just tryin to make it ahead of the next buncha bills and payments and so forth that you have to do and make, just to make a show of just how hard ya worked for it in this dane age that’s full of free-spendin strategy rules that do so very much damage to the economies and the Down Joneses ticket-tapes (and gee whiz yaknow how they ever keep track of them runnin by there, at the bottom of those screens down below the pictures with those numbers goin ahead so fast, zoomin at the bottom of the monitors and electric bulletin boards and those things upon which I haven’t still yet decided already if I’m gonna run for President and so on, that we see them on is beyond me youbetcha (to stay the lease)) which is why those safety nets like the AAA are so important to us, brinin us back from the skidouts and road spinoffs that we face here and now, precisely bein the asnomalogy that I’d like to compare and contrast with the AAA ratin here yaknow, kinda savin us from a big ol’ debt around the world, so especially when I heard that it was gonna be the enormous agency that was pullin us out, and not takin away our high ratin I was delighted, like those restaurant stars that they give out to the restaurants and such places to rate them so that we’d know where to go when drivin along in our big bus from place to place, sometimes tryin to find a burger or such thing, especially more recently while stumpin my latest media lay out which we call “The Undefeated” biography movie filmed footage history extravaganza documentary profile biography treatment and so on that they made about me and my brilliant careers, which, by the way, such filmed entertainment there has not exactly done as summer blockbuster type successfully well as hyped for in this great land of ours with the box offices and those receipts that have not lived “up to profit expectations” in terms of the fan magazines and reviewers with their Hollywood-like expressions and such — which responses to my footagefest, by the way in fact, have widely expanded my vocabularitroves — addin also too to my vocal buttresses and wordhills these following catchphrases here: “boffo” and “stinko” and then the much spoken about "box office bomb" (bein those descriptions with which I have become most familiar with, from those reviewers and also bloggers and negative hatehashers out there who are possibly united to the lamestream media crony types and the Courcis who do so hone in on so much negative damages thusly so, that I have been becomin accustomed to over the past recent years (and even much more recently when my movie made its debule) cause when ya look upon my public uncoverings and such visible entrances where and when I have been able to get on out there into the real American folks who do manage to sit through and listen to our message plans and adhone to our texted printreels and rollforths) and to be the reason why my new media extolohgraphy has gone the way of the “pay-per-viewer” status so quickly there, since it was already “straight on video” because it was captured “right on to the video” at first in the first place from those times there where I was captured doin those things, helpin to bring us up there with those positive ratings and so forth that we are happy to be rated with, just as our financial national’s ratin is gonna go up to be and remain seated at AAA, as it was just briefed to me about as I started out to say when I first decided to transmit these views elsehere for your approval, which I hope you will find rated “G” for the wholesome real American families out there wishin and desirin for some kinda nutritious entertainment to do on those times when you just don’t know exactly what you want to eat but ya know ya want somethin in there, during as soon as we can all face them sometimes so it can be there available for the public even on that “pay-per-viewer” state to be able to fill that void for them with the menus and the drop-down lists which can be easily ordered at the click of a button or even a push on a mouse or somesuch same similar handy input device of your choice or joystick.

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