Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shouldn’t The Vice President Just Stick To Being In Charge Of The Senate And Not Say Things About Other Parties And Also Too Not Call Them Terrrist Names And So Forth …?

Golly, ya know while I'm doin all this twistin in the wind about runnin from office in 2012 and so forth, I just decided that I’m gonna create a new party just only for myself called the GREEN Tea Party because youbetcha I recycle so much of the many wordgroupings that I have resaid over the years that were real zingers, allowing me so much attention span coverage outta the gate there with the media and the news sources beckoning me to make any kind of proclamation and so forth, and it does make so much sense because the green movement is all about recyclin things so I figured I’ll recompost things that I’ve publicated out there since I've plum run outta new and original things to be sayin anymore goshdarnit, especially about Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa since that Michele Bachmann kinda pushed me off to the roadsides and such places by filin papers and candidatory things thatcha do when you're gonna go over there and run from such freely available offices and events like she's doin, although I'm not sure if she commented on or about what Vice President Biden did say or says he didnt' say and suchforth, but it's frankly startling to me anyway that he had time to comment on these things at all, what with bein so busy bein in charge of the Senate and gettin in there and legislatin, which I believe the Vice President’s job is to do there instead of callin members of the real Americans out there “terrrists” if he did in fact say those things which is despicable and appalling to me personally in these times to be doing it, when back during the election times when I pulled those hares out with the Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa controversies and such with his church leaders and the Bill Ayers incident that caught everyone’s attention which I rode like a wet horse on Sunday until everyone kinda expected me to do and say those controversial things that resonated in the places and sticking points that the patriots of today (who are based on our proud forefathers' shouldered heads) who created the original real American movements out there which brought about the Tea Party today (that would have been their future if they were able to look into some crystal balls or squeegee boards or such spectacles and X-ray oracles) and so it follows sensibly that with the Green Tea Party that I wish to be enacting here I figure I can get some of the kids and environmental type folks in there, even though they might be a little like “Hey, who’s that hot Mama over there in the leather jackets and boots and whatnots tryin to be like us kids and so forth (LOloudLol)” which they could perceivedly see me as bein until I get down to their level and such places, especially since I’m not in their generation of things anymore when they grew up in those eras back then, because time marches on and whatnot, and gosh speakin o that, have ya ever looked at yourself straight on in a mirror looking down from a perch or soapbox up above your face, I mean talk about breakin the law of gravity and forces of nature and whatnot — crimony, but back onto what I was saying now when the recycling and Earth Days and cleaning up the rivers and dumplands and love canals and so forth were just becoming populous, I was just becoming into my own self then, so call me wrong and whatnot for believin in these things that the Vice President should and should not say (which again, I did feel outraged and comprehensible about, to adhone my point further) but personally I feel importantly that the folks on out there must need to know exactly how I feel on every single issue of the day, to be able to be keeping myself pertinent out there, for instance the economical issues goin round there of the day, and other things too approaching us through the upcoming fields of candidates and every other shiny thing that comes up into the news circle for me to grasp a hold into and be trotted out there and so forth for, plus yaknow to be asked to speak about these incredible things and display my facial tics and headshakes of incredulability for the issues as shown on such broadcast beams as the Hannity program and the Van Susteren segmented talkpieces and other such media areas that balance me fairly so in those places that are sought out around the dial by like-mined people of today, which is more important more now than it ever was as important as it was before it was as important as it now is today now.

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