Monday, August 29, 2011

Gosh Yaknow It Seems As Though That Michele Bachmann Is Kinda Like a Frankenstein Monster Runnin Around The Village There Goin “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” And Whatnot But I Helped To Make Her What She Is Today And So Forth…

Goshdarnit yaknow I just feel so compressed to comment on these explosions that Michele Bachmann seems to be detonatin here with her controversial remarks about the hurricanes and the punishments that she believes were the results of these judgments brought down from up above and on high there whereas, because I do so feel responsible for her in a way, since she did follow in my foresteps of the footfathers, in the way that I followed in the footsteps of our forefathers across this great land of ours so that the real Americans out there may be able to take part in my One Notion bus expedition and showboat tour in these open areas where we stopover in the course of this great land, and for my part although Michele Bachmann does seem to be gettin all the highlights and attention spans that I used to be gardnerin (even with all those little headaches runnin around her house and plus her migraines that she speaks about at the drop of a head there when she apparently brings her own Mr. Microphone to those podiums that I used to step up onto when I was with Jomcain the Mavrik while we were goin around politically correctin things to the way they should be goin which unfortunately is not the way that they went even with my snazzy outfits and snappy sayins and lipsticks) I do so wish her and so forth all the best currently on her trail really although I am saddled with the responsibility for creating this so-called monster that has been unleashed upon the public in much the same way that folks there on the other side of the isle think that Jomcain the Mavrik saddled and unleashed a little-known then later-known temp Alaska Governor and full time candidate there, gosh, just a kid from a small town who worked her way through journalism schools and whatnot and became a contestant in this great democratic system that we do have her for us here these days that we’re so dearly afraid is bein takin away from us and that we have to get back soon, hopefully by 2012 with our tours and speeches backin up those things such as the natural disasters caused by the current administration with their counterlocomotionwise unwise ways that we are being subjected to by the First Lady with her strict dietary guidelines that we must all adhere to, which that Michele Bachmann there does touch on when she mentions that the government thre is on the morbid obeastity diet with all the spending that Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama and his mini onions are doin there in Washington, and plus have we decided to know how much his family spends on those vacations and their clothing allowances like they did that to me (since I do know a thing or two about the clothings expenses that growin girls need and there are two of them the last time I counted, growin up like weeds over there in the White House especially with those ways that their mother has them eatin all of those genetically approved foods and what not and so forth, not to mention their grandmother with her exotic diets and nutrients) like remember that one time when I got the new wardrobes (which golly, I have to remember to return such things before too long or if they go out of style there) as if I was the one who became some sort of monster out there as we seem to have created with Michele Bachmann these days sayin these Frankenstein sayins about punishments the way she is going on about them I ask?

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