Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Am Now Able To Be Additionally Franchised And Solutized On An As Needed Basis Across This Great Land Of Ours And So Forth …

Yaknow goshdarnit, now that I do so have an immensely great deal of time on my hands and whatnot due to all the active ignorin that the reporters and such lamestream media individuals and so on are actively doin now moreso at me because of those things that “You-Know-Who, Mother of the Year and Have It All It Gal” Michele Bachmann is doin by spongin up all my former attentions and glares that I usesta be able to get while on and off my trails and so forth, I have moments in time to sit on the big bus here and there and seemingly everywhere to be able to ponder what it is that my next expansions will be, as I reach out to outreach from town to town in this great land of ours which provides us with many deli meats, national opportunities and components that are bein so recklessly squandered by the Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama administration especially now so pointily with him skedaddlin off there to Martha’s Vinyeards and such resort producin industries designed for and by the elites and out-of-touch friends that he pals around with in Washington and other controversial places and crowds in those other states there where they all gather like a gang and such posse-like groupings to hang out and relax while the rest of us hard-workin Americans around those other less chillable abodes toil daily and so very hard also to be able to make ends meet in the middle for themselves which I can relate to since that is what I am used to be doin throughout my livelihood as a mom and worker there while continually comin up with and bein given some thoughts and ideas which entrail such “product placements”
which I could do a good job at, since I am clever at talented at fusing myself into major situations and things wherever and whenever I go to trillabout this or that, or praps some other fixations that I could do would be, yaknow, to be able to become a spokesspeaker for many events and movements that turn out to be popular across this country here, where I take the time to meet and greet the so many folks out there followin in the traditions of our presently lifeless forefathers back there in history as brush-strokedly described in those oil paintings and renderings that we see and admire in our nation’s capital and other places such as museums and theme parks where I have also gone to also too and visited and remarked upon with wonderment mixed up with hefty pride and patriotism, which I have always held onto for myself and inserted into my children even before we leased-to-own the large bus for our family trips that are followed like a ball of yarn by a kitten there, with all the folks gatherin round in the parkin lots and other areas there expressin an interest in every single thing I and we do, from winkin my eye to blowin my nose to chippin a nail or eatin outdoors or goin through a cow barn which was lots of fun that time durin the Ohio State Fair or was it back over in Iowa, we’ve been to so many loads of places in such a goshdarn hurry that I get em all mixed up and so forth out there across these great state-run areas that we pull over at, with the time zones all there and such continental divides and vistas that we are barely able to take all in at once or even twice and write about, which I manage to do now and here up-to-the-minute-like from our very extremely large and growin bus which speaks to our extremely large and growin base of fans in the real America somewhere where my future plans for these spokesgigs
and representational occupations which I am prepared to do will effectively positively affect the general public out there who otherwise would have to be relied on to figure out these things by themselves if it weren’t for me bein so affected and in addition, the fair and balanced medias that I affiliate myself with from time to time, and I don't know, even those speechcasts from my own home studio (which was my former rumpus room once I got those large hockey sticks and such ice-related mimeobilia moved outta there and into a goshdarn storage pod and such substantial unit down there) with the screens there near my rear projections and sometimes guest-hosted by the public persons who congregate these broadcasts and invite me to invite them into my own home by invitation only, namely Greta Van Susteren and Hannity and sometimes the Bill O’Reilly program host also too which I have always found yaknow, to be just so inciteful for me to be on whenever my team of trundable assistants and staffscads are able to poke out the time for me to sit down and get all powder-and-paint ready for the lights and cameras, which I can do at the drop of a dime which should prove to all of you potential hirers out there that I am so very dearly adaptable and possess such cat- and Gumby-like readiness to be able to pounce into this or that hat or shed into and out of such different skins and other exterior looks, available at a momentous moment’s moment to push out or endorsify whatever may be needin a boost-up out there in the national derisions that are available to our treacherously-balanced free society held in the balance here, that we once had which I constantly declare about for us to take back from wherever the present administration is takin it to (wherever that scary and unpatriotical place may be there) which is maybe why my mammothly gigantic bus goes to so many places to find where the country’s goin these days, and if of course, if I could be of any possible help whatsoforth in, like say,

me bein a country finder or such locator, then that would be somethin I’d be more than in high spirits to do while we’re just burnin daylight and gasoline these days across here, or so it seems through this great land of ours in between keepin up with the current harvest of candidates out there which may or may not include me (LOutLOL) or not because I’m still around here youbetcha, just kinda twistin in the wind with my “maybe I will or maybe I won’t will” do this or run from that to be found out later if we keep the folks around there to be able to be on “stay tuned” stratus and so on while I absorb myself with my many pronoun cements and potential just-a-positions and hirin opportunistic arrangements that will be able to — like the aforesaidabout Gumby, as I did so abovemention before — fit into, or more correctly interweave and bend myself into as the cases may be for that belovedly friendly animated (or so my movement specialists inform me is more rightly called) “stopped-motion” green beast from our past childhoods, crammed and chalk fuller moral teachings durin those short film espadrilles, with Pokey there and so forth and Davey and Sally plus the other clay-headed figurines with the moveable mouths that we do so adore from primetime to time in our history of televised learnings, when we were positioned in front of those televised entertainments much like those terracotta characters in there, providin us with so many hours of amusements and perhaps for me in the future they can and will hopefully provide me with so many more springform opportunities for me to be able to further those very esteemed amusements available across the airwaves (to be able to add to them and so forth) and such other yaknow, technical mediums to be able to reach out to the real Americans out there in the heartlands and placed unto the very feet of our democratic systems of governing (which I and my family do so cherish from our travelin cavalcade here) which is bein threatened, as I do so go on and on and on about endlessly, while the President goes on and off, runnin off there to thumb his nose with his big thumb stuck out there right into our very eyes and right beside our very noses while also rubbin those same noses into it while on vacation and not workin thank you very much, while enjoyin time with his family on our precocious taxpayer dollars and cents, or so they say he will be doing, because yaknow of course this is all bein viewed through the lamestreamed lens of those lamestreamed media lenses out there, with their trick questions like that one time with Katie Couric when she asked me oh, goshdarnit I don’t know what-all about what I was sposeta know about the print journalism that I was sposeta be informed of since acourse to a degree, I did sposta earn a degree in journalism once I got outta all those endless places of higher matriculatory learnin colleges, and then when it was my turn, I walked boldly and confidently across the stage with that sassy sash, oh wait for cripes sakes — that was the Miss Alaska Game Show contest (LOutLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that I was entranced into — I got em all mixed in up there because see, golly yaknow youbetcha that even definitely proves my point youbetcha right now, that there are so many vastly detailed and followed things that I have done and will be able to do which proves once again my spirit of Claymation and adaptability
for future hirin opportunica which I will display here graphically (pictures I mean not graphs although I do want some pie now come ta think of it since I mentioned graphs because I always think of pie when I think up graphs) to jump myself upon there, up onto potential platforms and bosses and sponsors and so on, so thank you so very much for your time in these rich and fruitfilled matters and so forth as we drive along down the roads and pathways and also don’t forget those many canyons, valleys and crevices that our great nation holds for the future of our children before it’s all thrown down the pan there and we end up at the back of some dark alley out there one night without those things which are historically treasureable while we still have them to seek out and boldly go where no van has gone before and so on with our treks or also too by bus.

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