Monday, August 15, 2011

Yaknow I Really Connected With That One Book Called "Sarah, Palin and Tall" Because That's So Similar To My Namesake And Such As It Turns Out And So Forth ...

So I was readin a book the other day … on my gigantic family sized bus and all, and so youbetcha I really felt a real connection because it was called “Sarah, Palin and Tall” which I had become so familiar with from readin it over the many years that I have been reading, and also sharin it at my family children as I have done for years because it has always been on my readin list thank you very much Katie Couric, (and goshdarnit now why didn’t I think of that during the interview segment there when she asked me back then and so forth about the things I didn’t read in the mornings and such matters, but no matter) but gettin back to that and so on, I felt like that character coincidentally named Sarah (LOutLOL) because I was called out by the American folks up there in this great land of ours to fill a void and to become part of a family, the family of the real Americans out there on the planes and hills and/or valleyways of our forefather’s land that they trekked and plodded for us with their mighty pens and parchment papers and sweepin declarations and those independent things which we proudly take part in today thanks to them back then when they thought all of this up, so anyways I answered that ad to be a kinda America's mail order bride to the nation and whatnot, and since that fatefilled day when Jomcain sent out that letter on behoove of the citizens, down I came from the coast of Alaska, not Maine where the namesake of mine in the book came from, but nationwide it was the other coast youbetcha, so then down I came, still Remy Nissan for my home up near the Northern area there, makin friends from here and afar from up on high here, with the aid of my bus tours and podium events which we dazzle the folks with, and even doin books and movies which the Sarah in the book wasn’t able to do because of the history of the times in which she took place in, not to be able to have television or cables out there in the little house on her prairie, and the telegraph devices which could have been installed by the Pony Express riders I suppose probably, but they would not have been so blessed as we are (with our "bands with" and such wide-fires and USA cables that the technical interns here tell me about when they come to plug in our machines or sometimes fix our technical gadgets) with those objects that we have goin on nowadays throughout our "bigger than life, and twice as natural"-sized large bus, lookin so much like a big switchboard up there at the cockpit and so on, so much differential from the stickshifts and gears and clutches that we enjoy across the tundras with the snowmobiles and the other ice and snow vehicles with their treads and tirechains, making me so intensely very homesick for Alaska a little bit, just like Sarah was for her home in our great state of Maine (I mean the "book" Sarah, not me, the "media" Sarah) out here in the field, just kinda standin here after the straw poll with the candidates goin on there to get all the attention, like that Michele Bachmann is doin now as I usedta be doin, but I don’t want to go into all that and so on, what with all that responsibility she’s got includin the 30+ kids, also plus the headaches which I do hope will not be interferon with her duties, which heaven knows she’s been neglectin with all the runnin around from this news place to that campaign deal here and there all over, with the airwaves just lousy with her intense staring with her eyes and eyebrows up there everyplace, all plasmad up on the flatscreens and such liquid crystal displays, practically every goshdarn channel you turn into youbetcha I mean with those remotes and other wands and such things there, but I do wish her all the best, really I do up there with all those many scattered things to deal with after leavin the success of the Iowa polls behind me in the haydust and all, with me lookin at it from here, combin those straw sticks out my hair and movin ahead with our messages and so forth.

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