Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why Can’t The Congress Be Able To Agree With Itself Already On Those Issues Today Now And So Forth …?

Gee whiskers, yaknow I remember a time when the lamestream media outfits were askin me questions about what I’d be doin when I got to be Vice Presidented and so on with Jomcain durin those times when I was relevant up there around those places we were complainin along there at the podiums and footlights and Joe the Plumber gettin all fired and havin those we-the-people poses bein so uplarious then, and acourse my kids there in the front pews past their bedtimes which was kinda fun for them and excitin on tv, however I do so agree with myself on what I was able to say then about me gettin on in there bein in charge of the U.S. Senates and legislatin in each Representative House to get those laws passed and necessarily stimulated, which maybe would be the law perhaps now if the American people followed our advice we were advisin them to durin the election proceeds and speeches, since perhaps next we wouldn’t be in this debit location that we discover ourselves way over our heads now with the Democrat congressional leaders not bein able to consent on this or the other (thanks to Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama’s indecisionability) over the Boehners goin to and fro and whatnot such as they tend to do, with back-and-forth things the way it has been portrayed on the newspapers or so I – or so they tell me and the other pipelines in this great land of ours we have disposed for us when they are delivered fairly and balancededly for us to decide upon after watchful consideration of the facts printed out for us to examine, memorize as much as we can there, and discover and rehearse one more time to get the kinks out with the mock reporters slippin in a question there to try and throw me off like those rare times when my flanks are unguarded (but that only happens once and then I tell them they have to find another job and so on but thanks) and a runaway reporter or one of those exasperatin desperate bloggers slips through the security checkpoint nets and the velvet ropes and private security forces and such that we have set up all around there to make sure the messages that we communicate to the folks we find, the real Americans that we stumble on, when we go down those highroads and dirtways while we reach out and rally and greet those natives who do believe in our message of truth, rightfulness and the American way and who, by the way, and just in case anybody’s askin or perhaps maybe wonderin also maybe, who are also are pretty gashdarn sick and tired of all of this rigor-mortis that seems to be bindin up the way that laws and ligatures need to be unguently passed along, so that this country can go frontwards and expel itself to meet the improvement side of things without the focus bein on so much wasteful and so-called pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey spendin that Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama’s doin over in the White House or whatever the heck he’s doin over there now (to the government that we want back) like he’s got a hole in his pocket with all that money that the honest and hardworkin people of America have paid for him to be able to play golf or some such vacational attitudes that we have seen him portray right in front of our very heads so many times with his family also there stickin together for the photo-op photograph opportunities pretendin that the debits and credits are fixin their way out all even by themselves instead of followin the lead that we would have been able to give them if there existed our style leadership in Washington which we would have made available to provide in order to balance the spendin and budgets and Wall Street typhoons with the golden paragraphs that they give to themselves upon retirin to play golf again on their manifolded lawns and whatnot, when the average folks out there are just tryin to make it from one day to the next one in these heavy-duty economic times we find ourselves faced with currently, plus too the added things of conservin water and not waterin our lawns sometimes and buyin groceries and clothes for a growin family or just plain expenses like squash and other foodstuffs, and not just canned goods that add up to be a lot at the checkout line at the end of the day after they’re all scanned in the registrars and whichnot so that the total bill comes to more than those hard tired folks up there were expectin, which can be strongly embarassin if ya haveta go back and put things back up on the shelves or have the waitress there scream out about havin to restock the shelves now, because the average American housewives have over-bought on their budgetary recalcitricks (plus the mean and furtid glances from the folks behind ya as if it’s the most inconvenient event in the world to hold up a ding-dang line for a few minutes for cryin out loud and so forth, as if they don’t do it every time they look for their club card every time they get in line) just to feed a household satisfactorily in these times of double-digit and higher prices (which always seems to be the case when the other side is in the control of the government there) as we are seein nowadays today with the growin deficits and scandals we hear about at the back of those closed door back-of-the-room wheel or dealer sessions where all the facts and figures are not presented honestly and openly, leadin us completely stupid and very clueless as to havin even just one clue or hint as for exactly, and just as to how precisely our money is bein spent or managed on a day-to-day, and basic daily basis with those numbers written down in black and white, side-by-side, and with bottom-line rubdowns which would be accountable moreso and to the benefit of the citizens tryin to be followin in those great footstep traditions of our forefathers who set them down for us not to stray far off of, from their wise and historical heel-and-toe, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other-one leadership values, bein of course the hope that obviously we would do such things afterwards when they put them down there in such ways, includin these days with the “if they knew now what we know then” kind of leadership attitudes and main principles that believe it or not would be so darn simple to carry out if there weren’t so much willy-wonka type spendin all over the place without those checks and sets of balanced scales that are portrayed so graphically and with symbols patriotically displayed there, with the justice department’s mascot in Washington, which is not unfortunately adhointed to so much in those very important ways that she should be adhointed to, which I believe is in fact and truly due to the inflation of our budgets and spiralin costs and operatin laws not bein capped up or limited to, in those careful manners that prior administrations have kept a handle on to prevent these out-of-control trampoline type ecumenomical dribble down policy shifts from the above-mentioned previous administrative latticeworks and lifeguards deposited into place to avoid the outrageously out-of-the-box management ways that we are witnessin (and are able to be spoken to at) durin these programs brought into our homes via the truthful facts of reality in today’s current world with the speech panels and the commentaries behind and above studio desks and round tables which we see so often, unless it’s an outside filmin or some such exterior scene to reveal to us these “Jack-in-the-box” surprise-type spendin scares which they are still not able to agree upon as we speak of them.

Friday, July 29, 2011

So I'm Sittin Here And So Forth ...

Ya know, lookin out from my window here from where I sit on my big bus travelin across this great land of ours and sometimes from my home porch window without the windshield wipers and such gadgets there, youbetcha I sure gotta lot to say about things out there goin on around this nation of ours, which we want to take back and so on, especially with the politics of today which I have been deeply involved in since back when, where a man I am certainly familiar that you know about and have heard of (wink) named Jomcain the Mavrik selected me, Chatty McWinkwink to be the second-in command figure up over there in the GOP nomination procedure spectacle and barnstormin roadshow that we put on up there from hither to yawn back then, from coast to shinin sea across this land of the real Americans who we spoke to and at durin those times with the rallies and so forth plus special guests like that Joe the Plumber guy who was always taggin along there in the rumble seat like a third wheel bein all in-you-face with Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama for a time, then to be able to come and find out he really wasn't a plumber after all I think, but that's neither hide nor there to be speakin of as to what I’d liketa be referrin to today from where I sit and observe these things which are important to us, most importantly of all these days seemin to be the push and pull that the Democrats over there and us On The Other Side of the Isle are doin currently about passin the Boehner Plan and such deals that have become current affairs objects of our hurdling-over obstacles, which have been popped up in our way since the election went the way it did back when that I was just referring to with me, back before I became a writer and television personality in my own rites and in my own ways and means with the occasional pokin and tweetin and hashin and taggin and so forth to be also seen with the Face postins book where I appear with so many fans following my scrolls that I can't stop ta count em all as if I would have the time, honestly gosh I mean youbetcha what with the coutin' all my money time and such, then keepin track of goins on and doins time here and there, to be able to comment and count them so conveniently to the people out there would be near impossible, but I can outreach more folks from my studio now which was constructed in my very own home up there once I cleared out the hockey sticks and Red Bull cans and posters from my former rumpus room there and whatnot, which is now my video broadcast studio with the blue screens and green screens and other technical goolagongs that those tech guys know all about (I call em my crew teams and so forth) when they beam me up into the homes of the real Americans out there with the special host-guests and Greta Van Susteren’s rear projections and the Hannity programs and so forth including other news broadcasts which are pre-arranged for me to sit at and comment atop because these issues that we do hold so dear and also to be still “in it to be able to win it” if I am indeed gonna be 'in that' with announcin (wink-wink LOLoudLol!!!!) that I may or may not be makin about runnin for this office, or runnin from that nomination out there, the way I've been hintin round at the rallies and bus stops there, and also the parkin lots and tollbooths where the folks come on out to see me with their digital cameras and kids and covered pot luck plates and thumbs-up signs and giant foamy fingers and so on to hear my truth filled and gut-leveledly honest, real-deal podiated speechforths that I do make and recite when there are things goin on with the other rallies and crowds gettin there to see the more populous candidate folks and collies of mine like that Michele Bachmann doin all those things and gettin all that attention I usedta span back then when I was goin round over to the places with my wardrobes and cosmetic budgies for the clothin and hairdos and pitbulls and whatnot (that I was critically panned for WAY before my film came out which is gonna be on pay-per-viewer stratus by this time now or so they tell me it would or perhaps will be) which the men don't seem to be applicable for or adhered to as much as the women are double-standardized in those ways which is really, yaknow unfairly done and I'll probably go all off on that issue of the glass-sealin and inequandrities that us moms face out there in the campaign trails with our public lives, so I'm gonna write that down on my hand (LOLoudLol) as a reminder to myself and also too, speakin of Michele Bachmann, I do so wish her all the best, fittin in my footprints there with all those kids to keep track of which has gotta be a real headache youbetcha) but in this business world of today which I also apparently found (those inequalitized things) when I was rainin on Alaska there from those high offices, especially when I did hold that one really big job for as long as I did right on up til my second and countless numbers of careers proved to be more appliable for me to be seen in, and in the dirigible, of course to be much larger for me to be able to make work out in all the vast and dibrulent medias that we have, except of course, that most lamest of the lame of all the other lame medias combined and lamely put together with lameness, and by that goshdarnit youbetcha by golly wow you’re already knowin by now at last, that I mean that lame “Lame Stream Media” that does so take those multiplied things that I say and twist and turn them into tricks and snarled-up pop-quiz type answers to try and cornatize my tripes into vocal Indian burns on the very arms of my freedom of speeches, to become the traps that come back to hunt me (as if I really care now Miss reporterwoman up there up in the newsrooms and such editing booths and places splicing up and turning my words back into me, even with my big fame and noticeability aspects) but like that one time I remember when Katie Couric tried to fool me with those things about what I was sposta be readin while enjoyin breakfast treats and so forth which are really hard to remember (by “them” I mean the reading materials and so forth and not the Stella Dallas cookie treats that I was havin) that day that she was tryin to get me to be able to be talking with my mouth full of them there about, so there ha-ha (HaOUTLolLOLoud) especially since those other things that I do (and say-do) take up so much of my valuably segmented time, plus I have to be there to count all the money rollin in hand over teakettle there to make sure the taxes and contractors are taken care of with the fences and extra security items and cables that we need more than ever here now (cuz of my large and growing base) including and non-withstanding the cost of gas goshsakes to run the big bus that I travel around in to be able to spread my thoughts aloft, like goin to the past scenarios of our historical forefathers and foremothers also, whose footsteps I go into at those far-ago places like Benjamin Franklin’s address with his Great Francis Scott Keys experiments out there with the lightnin and kite-flyin with the rockets blazin and twilights glass-gleamin and red glaring skies lit up and punctured on those midnight rides of Paul Revere back there, warnin and wakin the folks over in Concord and Welch's to wake up and smell the lanterns with the Britishers comin, the Britishers comin, over and whatnot with the redcoats crashin at the boat club and so forth, stormin and stirrin up the tax tea bills which still are bein represented gavribly today by the boldly seen parties and gatherin rallies with the symbols and benchmarked speeches of freedom plus the freedoms of speech things and tri-colored hats that we hold so dear and that now, so very sadly are bein so very precociously pranced upon and flattened out on, like an impolitely rude and unpatriotic war dance upon the very flag we fly and flew, just like those bold and rude redcoats that went and tried to tantrumize upon our freedoms with their funny speech patterns and accents, way back in those times there, and also up until that one brave and sober day when our country was held in a state of pre-independence, shocked by the violent Attucks uprising with the shot heard round the world, which things were as you know, done to stop it then, right along by the side of the historical districts and freedom walks which I admirate to, with my visits and informative trills and trails I leave behind which are heard and seen by more and more individuals around there and here, who wanna get out there with me and go ahead with us and reload those things that need to be relocked and aimed at the very hub of our great nation's hearts in our fragile palms, to be speakin for those real American things which I shall do here and now and from here on in and out, especially durin those ravines in my schedule which will hopefully get impacted with comments and observances brimmin over, which I will be writing about and keepin track with durin my busy schedule to be contributed at the people in these proudly gallant areas that I spoke of above, and will go on with and strongly continue to do them, by starting now while being able to be freely gazing from here, while we still can heroically enjoy these precious freedoms of today, not just for our children and our children’s kids, but in memory of the very future of our children’s forefathers also too for them as well, as we, swollen with pride, look back, behind and ahead of us and both ways, leading us from there to get here.