Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why Can’t The Congress Be Able To Agree With Itself Already On Those Issues Today Now And So Forth …?

Gee whiskers, yaknow I remember a time when the lamestream media outfits were askin me questions about what I’d be doin when I got to be Vice Presidented and so on with Jomcain durin those times when I was relevant up there around those places we were complainin along there at the podiums and footlights and Joe the Plumber gettin all fired and havin those we-the-people poses bein so uplarious then, and acourse my kids there in the front pews past their bedtimes which was kinda fun for them and excitin on tv, however I do so agree with myself on what I was able to say then about me gettin on in there bein in charge of the U.S. Senates and legislatin in each Representative House to get those laws passed and necessarily stimulated, which maybe would be the law perhaps now if the American people followed our advice we were advisin them to durin the election proceeds and speeches, since perhaps next we wouldn’t be in this debit location that we discover ourselves way over our heads now with the Democrat congressional leaders not bein able to consent on this or the other (thanks to Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama’s indecisionability) over the Boehners goin to and fro and whatnot such as they tend to do, with back-and-forth things the way it has been portrayed on the newspapers or so I – or so they tell me and the other pipelines in this great land of ours we have disposed for us when they are delivered fairly and balancededly for us to decide upon after watchful consideration of the facts printed out for us to examine, memorize as much as we can there, and discover and rehearse one more time to get the kinks out with the mock reporters slippin in a question there to try and throw me off like those rare times when my flanks are unguarded (but that only happens once and then I tell them they have to find another job and so on but thanks) and a runaway reporter or one of those exasperatin desperate bloggers slips through the security checkpoint nets and the velvet ropes and private security forces and such that we have set up all around there to make sure the messages that we communicate to the folks we find, the real Americans that we stumble on, when we go down those highroads and dirtways while we reach out and rally and greet those natives who do believe in our message of truth, rightfulness and the American way and who, by the way, and just in case anybody’s askin or perhaps maybe wonderin also maybe, who are also are pretty gashdarn sick and tired of all of this rigor-mortis that seems to be bindin up the way that laws and ligatures need to be unguently passed along, so that this country can go frontwards and expel itself to meet the improvement side of things without the focus bein on so much wasteful and so-called pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey spendin that Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama’s doin over in the White House or whatever the heck he’s doin over there now (to the government that we want back) like he’s got a hole in his pocket with all that money that the honest and hardworkin people of America have paid for him to be able to play golf or some such vacational attitudes that we have seen him portray right in front of our very heads so many times with his family also there stickin together for the photo-op photograph opportunities pretendin that the debits and credits are fixin their way out all even by themselves instead of followin the lead that we would have been able to give them if there existed our style leadership in Washington which we would have made available to provide in order to balance the spendin and budgets and Wall Street typhoons with the golden paragraphs that they give to themselves upon retirin to play golf again on their manifolded lawns and whatnot, when the average folks out there are just tryin to make it from one day to the next one in these heavy-duty economic times we find ourselves faced with currently, plus too the added things of conservin water and not waterin our lawns sometimes and buyin groceries and clothes for a growin family or just plain expenses like squash and other foodstuffs, and not just canned goods that add up to be a lot at the checkout line at the end of the day after they’re all scanned in the registrars and whichnot so that the total bill comes to more than those hard tired folks up there were expectin, which can be strongly embarassin if ya haveta go back and put things back up on the shelves or have the waitress there scream out about havin to restock the shelves now, because the average American housewives have over-bought on their budgetary recalcitricks (plus the mean and furtid glances from the folks behind ya as if it’s the most inconvenient event in the world to hold up a ding-dang line for a few minutes for cryin out loud and so forth, as if they don’t do it every time they look for their club card every time they get in line) just to feed a household satisfactorily in these times of double-digit and higher prices (which always seems to be the case when the other side is in the control of the government there) as we are seein nowadays today with the growin deficits and scandals we hear about at the back of those closed door back-of-the-room wheel or dealer sessions where all the facts and figures are not presented honestly and openly, leadin us completely stupid and very clueless as to havin even just one clue or hint as for exactly, and just as to how precisely our money is bein spent or managed on a day-to-day, and basic daily basis with those numbers written down in black and white, side-by-side, and with bottom-line rubdowns which would be accountable moreso and to the benefit of the citizens tryin to be followin in those great footstep traditions of our forefathers who set them down for us not to stray far off of, from their wise and historical heel-and-toe, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other-one leadership values, bein of course the hope that obviously we would do such things afterwards when they put them down there in such ways, includin these days with the “if they knew now what we know then” kind of leadership attitudes and main principles that believe it or not would be so darn simple to carry out if there weren’t so much willy-wonka type spendin all over the place without those checks and sets of balanced scales that are portrayed so graphically and with symbols patriotically displayed there, with the justice department’s mascot in Washington, which is not unfortunately adhointed to so much in those very important ways that she should be adhointed to, which I believe is in fact and truly due to the inflation of our budgets and spiralin costs and operatin laws not bein capped up or limited to, in those careful manners that prior administrations have kept a handle on to prevent these out-of-control trampoline type ecumenomical dribble down policy shifts from the above-mentioned previous administrative latticeworks and lifeguards deposited into place to avoid the outrageously out-of-the-box management ways that we are witnessin (and are able to be spoken to at) durin these programs brought into our homes via the truthful facts of reality in today’s current world with the speech panels and the commentaries behind and above studio desks and round tables which we see so often, unless it’s an outside filmin or some such exterior scene to reveal to us these “Jack-in-the-box” surprise-type spendin scares which they are still not able to agree upon as we speak of them.

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