Saturday, August 6, 2011

So Those Cranky and Moody Investor Companies Gave Us A Bad Grade Or So I Hear And So Forth …

Goshdarnit, youbetcha just as I was gettin the hang of it with the debt sealin and so forth, after such things were explained to me by my explainer squad, geewhillikers the government goes and switches up, throwin some different specifics and so forth up in the air there concernin credit ratins in this great land of ours, which I thought was gonna be AAA by the Standards and Pours measures as they were broken up and explained to me (which by the way have absolutely nothin to do with the Metrics System), but now with that moody A&P company goin on there and givin us a lower grade of AA+ (which doesn’t sound so bad to me because in order to be able to get such high marks and so forth I was told you hadta hit the books pretty darn hard and whatnot) so now we gotta be payin more attention to, and be of a higher interest as I understand it is, from where I sit here on my hefty bus, travelin to and fro in search of the real Americans out here who are overfedup with how things are goin in Washington these days due to those Democrat policies, thanks to the Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaa administration’s rules and dangerous pallin around with economic terrrist guidelines leadin us off the paths which we were warnin folks about anyways durin the Jomcain complain trail that I was co-featured on back then with Joe The Plumber as a special guest there when he’d come around to meet us then there, before I was so concerned with those matters such as the shortfall and now our bad report card on the economy which is unbelievable to me as an American who always was able to balance my checkbook up there in Alaska whenever I had to turn in one of those papers, so this just presents such an opportunity for us to say how obvious the lack of leadership in Washington is which I have to say I’m sad and happy about both at the same time, because now I do have somethin new to gloat on and ride hard till the cows come home over there, a whole new stack of talkpoints and blamethrowins I can now get out there, like my thinktank has been filled with gas and such to rev me up on the fair and balanced talk shows out there, but I do fear, as so many of our real Americans out there do so fear, that our bills and whatnots will be higher to pay because of these credit rates, and I also was informed that China was critical of our way of spendin, since I guess we owe them big bags of money internationally (or so they say), and the last thing, yaknow I want is to go down to pick up some low main or the lunchtime combination special, especially if when we’re on the road travelin on the big bus of mine and have to pick up some takeout real quick before the speechforths that we present, so anyways the last very thing I want is a dirty look from the waiters and whatnot at those Chinese restaurants, as if we’re gonna go there and order and then point and run out on the bill and so forth, because of the credit debuckle that happened as a result of those misguided spend, spend, spend policies that Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaa’s been doin, and who knows where all that money has gone away too anyway by the way I ask across the country, because I’m not able to see those things that we need around here reflected in the economy, such as our improved infrastructions and hope for our children’s futures and those things that our great and powerful forefathers in this great land of ours lay down for us to follow way back durin those ancient times of old pastimes, when they were takin the constitution and the revolutions out for a test-drive like they had learner’s permits for our freedoms and didn’t want to crash em into the hydrants and horse and buggy stalls and whatnot that they had back on those historic days when ya went out and hitched em up to the post and so on before the modern automobiles and buses that we ride in today, thanks to those hopefully temporarily long lost sensible thinkin ways of our government that we apparently have chucked out liberty’s back door and hope to find again because of all this spendin left and right, but mostly left (if ya catch my drift (Wink) (LOloudLOL)) in this once great land of ours, throwin money out the door of the White House like it’s a free giveaway or some such thing, like my movie “The Undefeated” which I can’t seem to giveaway free even if I threw all those DVDs out the emergency hatch of my bus to the folks that do come out and listen to our statements and frictures that we share freely at those rallies and rest stops with the purple mountained majestrates and Old Faithfuls blowin their tops over there, or even the St. Rushmore Monument with all the presidents carved in stone there, lookin down at us and probably shakin their stone profiles (if they could if they weren’t carved in stone) because of what we’ve done to the jobs that they used to have back then when the current deficits and so forth were unheard of, which is exactly how I feel and of course those feelings I share with most of the real American people out there and not just by me which I will continue to get on out there and spread around especially importantly moreso today, with the 2012 races and electoral college pledges comin up around then for us to be able to exercise our democrcies and get on out there and vote, hopefully for our team this time around, not that I’m spillin the beans or somethin as to “will I myself throw my towel into the ring” and so forth which are things bein wondered about by those folks out there who like me to be up there on the news programs peekin up the interest rate (not the interest rate that just failed the rancid test, I mean the ones in regard to me I what I mean) of the voters out there and sharin my expert-tease skills about how popular it is to wonder whether or not I’m runnin or not runnin there, so stay tuned in for that soon to be announced announcement, or most likely a press release or statement issued from my issuers since it probably will be that, in such forms or thereabouts to be taken up by the medias.

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