Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our State Fair Is The Best State Fair And So Forth...

Gosh it’s just so excitin here and whatnot for the State Fairs and these things happenin in the great state of Iowa, where the corn comes sweeepin down the plane with surveys with the fringe festivals on top, so the song goes from that great real American Broadway show there by the similar name, but yanow I’m no singer or performer, just a modern day patriot shakin it around and up over here in this great land of ours, but youbetcha the air is certainly cracklin here in the barns and stalls and open areas where I’m bein beseened by cameras and lights and folks askin for autographs and such things which is just what I wanted and so forth, and plus with those serious candidates comin over here roastin corn and dippin apples and funnelin cakes and so forth and also me with my superior sized bus parked right out back there with the maps and GPS systems so I can be able to know who to follow and how to get there fast and so forth, bein all suspenseful and undecided about runnin for this or from that, so long as my phrases and effects keep goin up there, gettin the GOP party messages on out there with the straw poles and such, so whoever draws the longest one gets to keep playin, and oh Auntie Em, didn’t I say it was excitin and so on also too there’s no place like home there to be comin to for the exorcism of our political rights and such freedom-minded things that our aforementioned forefathers (unless I forgot to mention them before above, so if I did then I could be doin so now to refer back up to them which I always do in my speechforths and podium events across this great land of ours and such places where we pull the bus over for rest-stops and such) have done in the past, which I carry on now with the figuratory torches to be keepin up and carryin from place to place, set down here (not too close to the haystacks though (LoutLOL)) since we all remember what happened in Chicagoh with Mrs. O’Lantern’s cow and so forth which led to our current administration, bein both disasterful things and also both things from Chicago (which I just thought of so I’m gonna get somebody to fit it into one of my whistelstoops and such broadcasts and face bookin entries and tweetstrings and so on soon) and so anyways, I’ll be careful about that torch and the haystacks and such flammatory things lyin around there, but not about my messages to the real Americans out there to be always able to keep one foot ahead of yourself when searchin for the government that we lost somewhere back then, so that the one we want back for us we’ll get in 2012 in those ways which we know are just not just good, but also too, just and good for us to get back up on onto the right tracks over there for the future of the country and the future of our children’s locomotive futures and so on, sayin that slogan about I think I can, I think I can, I know I can I know I can and so forth ahead (LoutLOUDLOL)?

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