Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Yam Agog-gug-gog-gug-gog-gug-gog At What He Says Whensk He Says That He Yis What He Yis And That's All That I Yam Sayin That He Says When He Says That He Yis What He Yis When He Says That That Is What He Yis Which Is What I Yam Yammin To Yous And So Forth ...

Doggonnit, what I forgot to say since bein told to clam up for the convention but I'm over it youbetcha and when Fox News told me to put a sock into it but I'm over it (that) now plus, is that I memorized about when our obvious nominee mimictated the Popeye animated character due to the fact that he has been accused of not havin any fluid motions and movements as scene on TV except for his shiftin positions (LOutLOL) since they are drawn new all the times there with the guidance of those two knobs, attached to the red Etch-A-Sketch window which are then apparently turned upside down (as I am not familiar with usin things with all of my hands and four fingers at once) like the erasable convention parts that I didn't watch with those patriotic platforms and the lights and grandpa's empty chair and color slide backgrounds just like I have rear projected on the hindparts of my home studio that they built before my star had flatscreened upon me goshdarnit just cause I kept stickin my bottom lip out about not gettin my way over the many months and famous years when I have been so dearly welcomed into the numerous bountified rivers, streams, and ear canals across this great nation and beamed into real American televisions and through the handholdable devices throughout our wonderful country that we put our thumbs into also.

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