Monday, September 17, 2012

Doggonit, When You Least Expect It, You're Not Elected Maybe Also Too But Smile And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, youbetcha this vast hot-wing conspiracy where supposably Mitt Romney there for our President who was talked about so much at the last convention by goshdarnit nearly everyone except me, since I was told to keep a lid on it and clam up f'cryin out loud, is sposta be sayin this and that with all of the so called percent figurines about numbers and mathegraphicals in that fuzzy video which is again Greta or Sean, another one of the lamestream media's attemptin to do whatever it is they do that they are famous about, like when they tried to do it at me durin the last time I was escorted onto the major network programs to answer unprepared answers concerning my breakfast cereals and reading materials that I had while on the campaign trails with my expandin base and Jomcane the Mavrik leadin up to our loss when I went rogue to become a household item after I left bein the head of Alaska and plus that hilarious blockhead Joe The Plumber was also conjoined with us to say many of his nearphraseables when the cameras that we were aware of were turned up, after adjustin our platforms and lipsticks, insteada the candid cameras there to catch us sayin what we really know about at those times (which I was not pre-informed of) and which is what Mitt Romney has filmed, or so they say, which I brush off with an amber wave of grain of salt.

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