Friday, September 21, 2012

Goshdarnit, If You Can't Stand The Heat, Order The Staff To Get Out Of The Kitchen To Just "Stop It!" And So Forth ...

Doggonit, youbetcha I know exactly how across this great nation and why Ann Romey is feelin and makin this all about me on the news programs along this great and patriotic lamestream media landscape just because I did not warmly enduce my influentially wide and expandin base over toward Mitt Romney when I made various shall I say, shrugful noises and exaspertables toward him there within our, within the many important and newsworthsome dearly loved appearances that I make bestowable throughout our talk-stringalongs from the closed studio encounters of the Fox kind or on the one Notion bus because and again because, not to make this entiresome all about me once again as I do, I have been made awareable when beamed through to those better homes and gardens of real America there with Sean or Greta and their answer-and-answer sessions predigested for me to predispose of later when my chewable knowledgevasts are called up upon so I can then relate as to how difficult it is for us to be in the public's eyeholes with our families and "stop it" orders that we have to brayforth to our enemies and Courics for our own goods and services which border on complainin and whinin everytime someone says a bad word about me which I then have to get all up on the newses (again) and do my "get-evens" and my video revengeables which is what I am reduced for now.

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