Saturday, September 8, 2012

Those Boneheaded Things Get Me Right In The Bread Basket When My Funny Bone Gets A Brain Freeze And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, it's about time our medically knowledged politicians across this great nation took a stand for those things throughout our wonderful and amber wavin nation that we enjoy and behold close to our grains and other organs that they speak at with those controversial issues such as having offsprings and whether or not they should be harshly debated within our nether-bordered regions of public lands and private areas because when it comes to extended grandkids and sleepover type relatives, whatever things that Mr. King said about them that I will text up are what we should be upholdin and I am very agreeable to them, as we drive toward November with our countdown candidate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan also too with their support from women because those direct actions that we womenfolk should be doin in the forefathers footsteps to help them (and even the foremothers too who are sometimes in those backgrounds makin soaps and other crude cosmetics or sewin a flag for us to fly and seekin office sometimes and then goin on to become celebrities such as I have done except recently when I was basically told by Fox News and the convention to go home and make them a shut-up sandwich and to can it, which is another fine craft that us ladies do when the harvest comes a comin) reach their achievables to take the continent back from the radicals out there who act just like big babies with unpleasant droolables.

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