Monday, September 10, 2012

Doggonit, I'll Get By Till The Clouds Roll By, Smile -- Lose That Long Face -- Sail Away, I Don't Care -- I Could Go On Singing When My Sugar Walks Down The Street Some Of These Days If I Only Had A Brain After You've Gone Over The Rainbow -- Be A Clown, Get Happy, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas On The Atchison Topeka And The Santa Fe And So Forth ...

Doggonit, that's whatcha gotta do youbetcha to pick yourself off, dust yourself up when the lamestream chips get you down and out across this great nation in the footsteps of our forefathers like the other day when Fox News texted me to lipstick it back on home throughout our patriotic country so insteada doing that I took to my facebooks and typed out my revengable displeasurated tweetblurts and also too when the convention folks there in charge of bookin the current speech majorettes for the Florida RNC get-together with the party platforms and issues and signs and hats that I used to be winkably present for up there as the star of that doggone showcase with Jomcane the Mavrik and that interstellar blockhead Joe The Plumber told me to go and tell-my-story-walkin-sister and clam up Chatty-Lou-Hoo what did I do insteada goin home via the One Notion bus in order to keep my expandin base big you may ask goshdarnit and thanks for askin because what I did was is I kept a big frozen baked Alaska smile on my face there and with my high starched wardrobes and my hair piled high upon my head I clang clang clanged along in the face of those lamestream media negative trolleycar trainwreck reports of my demisins which are greatly examinated throughout our magnificent amber wanes of graves.

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