Friday, September 7, 2012

I Know You Are But Who Am I To Rush To Judgements About Rush's Judgments About Rush And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, havin been on the short end of the lamestream mediastick myself youbetcha, I am certainly in opposition to stand up for those humane rights with freedoms of speeches across this great nation where we can no longer say and do and think and see and spell and read and write and text and blink and wink and sit and talk and do facebooks and be on the television news programs and get our own radio shows and poke the audiences to say those controversial things about how things are goin down the radical drain these days and takin the country back and so forth since the risks of bein a famous reader like I and Rush Limbaugh are out there, with Rush bein one of our largest and most grand radio volumes across this great nation and one of my favorite radio forefathers who now is bein unfairly blown up by the lamestream media but at least he can still get to say things unlike I, who was not dirigibly upon the convention stage like that last time with Jomcane the Mavrik when I had the wardrobes and punchlines that were form fitted to play my vocal cards, plus my recent Fox news demotions which the lamestream media and that Katie Couric probably had a lamestream hand in with all of her fancy lamestream broadcast friends and their lame things over there like they always have at me and plus I still say youbetcha that Clint Derwood had every right to go on up there and be unscriptated goshdarnit, just like I would have done but as we all know since I keep sayin it, I was gagorderly told to zip-it and clam up and not say any of my completely spontaned things from the top of my head there across this great nation in the footsteps of our forefathers in honor of those patriotic chairmen before they were long dead in our histories and wonderfully beloved declarations and independenced freedoms of speech and the right to sit where we want to which later examplified themselves durin the turbo lent decade of the 60's with civil rights as I remember them with the famous Rosa Parks v. Elizabeth Montgomery boycott case issue which happened because of their differences and basic mortal things that they wanted to twitchabout at the convention but were prohibited to do so because of those unlawful and ungrateful rules that were zapped down after all I've done for them like apply my magic speakin touch across this great land with my One Notion bus tours and supportin the candidates from every state that we have gone to even if there was a continental divide between the RNC convention and oh my once shinin stars this time around unlike the Jomcane the Mavrik tourtime hours that we had with Joe The Plumber in the rumpled seat sometimes.

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