Monday, September 10, 2012

Youbetcha I Thought I'd Be Sayin Dots Vidalia To The Russia Issue, But Here We Go With Paul Ryan Tryin And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, since I am an expert tease about Russia and their so-be-it-union or whatever, I must speak up unlike at the convention where I was told to clam up, so anyways there goes the lamestream media, throned up by its queen, Miss Katie Couric youbetcha, still askin those horrible answers and now gettin her lamestream friends to ask their journlistic gotchables to Paul Ryan trying to explain what Rom Mittney said and obviously still gettin back at me since this is still all about me throughout our great land with its traditions of my free speeches because now my words per minute talkin fee bottomed out even with my sizeable expandin base there, tryin to make Ryan's hope go down the real American drains across our great land, anaconda one microsceptic thing I frontporched about Russia way back when with Jomcane the Mavrik and that inernational lughead Joe the Plumber and also too because of that Katie Cohort's friend Tina Fey with her cruel ventrologist act starrin me when by this time and after all I spoke for them on the Fox Hours to shut me down and out from from the convention like some dummy thank you very much Chris Christie just because you kept your big job the whole way through and I rogued out to become a more famous end ditty than you, I patriotically thought I woulda been sayin dots vidalia to that whole Russue but even if I begged and got down on my knee yet, it still is there doggonit.

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