Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doggonit, Mitt Romney's Hell Week Was Like A Sharp Lamestream Newspaper Stick In The Eye And So Forth ...

Doggonit, youbetcha we're not freakin out as the lamestream media says across this great nation with their lamestream Royal Jelly Queen Elizabeth Katie Couric sittin up there on her lamestream thrown with her lamestream crown of jewels and her septic made from old breakfast newspapers that I don’t read just because a few of the GOP leaders who matter anymore have uh seethingly become jumpshippable and distanced their closenessity to Mitt Romney, with Chris Christie first doin a doublewide turnaround from those controversial percentables that Mittney said in his ambush movie role he fundraised in, plus Scott Brown over in Matchasucretts also did pull away from the um $50,000 a plate chewables that Luke Warmney did say, however to back up what Ritt Marmee is now sayin fluidly, which mirrorize our majesticable and dry riverbeds with soarin valleys that we see throughout this wonderful bus on my One Notion tour Greta or Sean, I do have Supreme lipstick that we will stop in the name of Mitt and we won't go straight to hell if by followin the train that Matt Rumney conducts for us as he pitbulls his campaign straight to such a, how shall I wordsay it, uh unique fashion statement which I would have gone on about at the convention if Chris Christie hadda given me some elbows room to hockeymom my textables but as we all know and love, I was traffic-coned out in the rain from the conventional centers in Florida.

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