Monday, September 24, 2012

And The Enmity Award Goes To And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, youbetcha if I had four thumbs across this great nation I would use all of them at once to downlike this incredibly uh mimical and disrespectish portrayance that Julieanne Tyler Moore acted out against me and my expandin base doggonit some time ago much to the hilaracy and unpatriotic values which are unupholstered on the facebooks that I have come to revenge my enemies with when not powdered up for my appearances on the Greta or Hannity newsblast chatseats where I do my smacktalkin and tartbarbarisms about everyone else with my paybacks and dishouts, plus also various things that I textabout these days with my thumbs since I have so much spare times on my hands (and again, thumbs) which I would reuse to tell those Hollywood radicals out there to take a hitch-hike away from our great country with its hills and high valleys and planes and boats and trains and dunes insteada these funpokins at real life characters like myself with the mimes and mimicons of me which have gardnered those awards on my behalf when they didn't even ask me to be a part of it hashtaggit, and just go pack up and move to Russia where I never said I could see it from my house but that other one sittin there, Tina Fey said it with her awards probably too comin to mock me in the face later on, or tape delayed I think they call it and plus also too hashtaggit, youbetcha I coulda won a buncha those Enmity Awards across this great nation at the big Hollywood pileup against me if I was invited to it (all expenses paid and so forth plus gas) which I was not doggonnit just like with the RNC at Florida excludin me out if you remember cause they told me and my expandin base to clam up and then later Fox News told me to button my lipstick cause Paul Ryan now is a new replacement to me, takin over my speechtexted jawbleats and then givin the big fat keynode to Chris Christie this year, opposite day from the last time when I was centersquared and also Jomcane the Mavrik plus the blockhead Joe The Plumber but I don't know who coulda poorplayed him, maybe Bruce Willis, or that meathead from Archie Bunkers, since I, again, did not watch how she did me in as an actress with her stunninly accurate wardrobes and wigfaces that I saw when her mockmimes misdirected all my attentions away from me, but at least she didn't make me look fat which is what they told me about the camera addin extra chin cans which is why we have to watch our edibles durin this campaign holiday season because of all the waste lines and gooey dessert candydated sweets even though this performance did leave a sour taste there but I am not bitter or sourpussed in the lease about the whole production.

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