Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christine O'Donnell Bewitchinly Wants To Magically Do A Revanishing Act And I Want To Zap One Up Too Maybe And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, this recent turn of the screws inspires me youbetcha to possibly and perhaps in a thinkin-about-it kinda way remount my drive for a reboot (speakin of my wardrobes LOutLOL) for the Vice Presidential office job which I may announce durin one of the One Notion busrides that I do go on and on and on about with my extended grandchildren because I said (out loud out of my head) after bein told of this, hey why didn't I think of this tictac before Christine O'Donnell about re-runnin our roadshow with Jomcane the Mavrik and the erasable blockhead Joe the Plumber just because O'Donnell is now able to bewitchingly announce her magic plan and challenge those dark forces that worked against her last time just like with me and the lamestream media just cause I said I like to eat my Stella Dallas breakfast treats uninterrupted by newspapers that are hard to refold up again once you break the bindings on them which is what the lamestreamstress Katie Couric should know was the intents of what I was hemhawin, back then durin my last ambushed interview before I gradulated to the Fox shows with softer chairs for my expandin base and rear projections with color slides of the liquid waterways and mountainous valleys stainin our continent along our patriotic visas provided for me to comment about and harpalong to across this great nation which I intend to make a stab at again.

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