Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The White House After They've Grown A Big Stick And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, I'm just so deeply saddened youbetcha that this tragically timely event for me arose right in the nick of time there in Libya (where the sad event took place so I could make my sad but snappy jokes about it across this great nation just in time but to also be seriously remorsed as long as I got my digs in) for me to rigidly get back on up there and tweet off my wisecrackins and disrespectables and so forth and tell Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama to grow a big stick like he's some pal o' mine or a guy in a locker room there (to retext a popularly long-reachin phrase from when one of our former presidents said that stuff about gettin a hold of your chicken and havin it be put into everybody's pots), so immediately I shot over to my facebooks which is my best media and easy to grab a hold of (even in the dark and in the middle of the night plus I can always find it), also in so doin I hoped to get it back up quickly (my popularity) from where it once stood erect but lately had slowly drooped down from the peak and shrunk back when the convention folks and Fox News told me that I was no longer a new wrinkle so I should just let it go and drop it, so there they left me danglin there, as if I could just go limp all of a sudden like a sad dog who lost his big bone, but at the same time also I wanted to stick up for the boner that the lamestream media said Mitt Romney pulled out but anyway, havin those top secret briefs under there near my disposals to textover, I was able to comment from the sometimes scanty details that we have to work with to quippoutingly contact my followers because when they finally told me again and again and again this mornin what I should shoot out there in the way of a reaction, once I stiffly rose up (even though it was one of those gloomy days where the sun don't shine) I shoved myself right back in there to the place where I can again talk about these prickly issues and not keep it zipped up as we constantly apply pressure and friction on our opponent since it looks like a tight election until our decisions are finally released in November as long as we don't blow it and have another mess to clean up until the next one rears its ugly head.

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