Friday, September 7, 2012

John Kerredy And His 57 Varieties Of Lamestreamery Have Made Me Catchup On My Words Which Is No Condiment And So Forth ...

Doggonit, I did indeed flip my wig because I raced over to the Fox News studios on the One Notion Bus so fast with "the petal to the medal" after John Kerredy and his 57 varieties of lamestreamery said my name, my facebooks and my face lit up like a goshdarn Christmas Tree Store so that I could again be studiopowderpainted to trillforth my talkabouts that I have become reknowned for across this great station, except for before, durin, after, and about the RNC convention due to my time slot pushed over so fulltimer Chris Christie would have enough air to replace my pre-prepared keynode speech, so naturally bein normal and real American with my family also too, I was shocked up that my name would be said through the lamestream media's goricaticals, with the famous international incidents of Russian porch-light-is-on-nobody-home-there when I did in fact have seen and done those scenes from my stoop, as I would have said from the stump had I not been stopped and told stick a sock in my yap to plugup my freedoms of amendments where I also have heard our precious amber wanes of graves and to be a patriotic touchstick for our political talks, even if it belittifies him across this great nation with his fancy million airs and "catsup" insteada plain old real American "catchup" like I'm sposta to take it as a condiment but it left me with bad taste instead.

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