Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Am So Shocked And Did Not Have Anyone Prepare A Text For Me In Case I Am Ever Catagoried For This And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, as I sit on the One Notion bus and watch the Emney Awards, as I seek out and destroy new careers for myself and my textwranglers, I wonder if one day across this great nation there would be a category someone could do called Best Spokesspeaker on The Fox News Greta Or Hannity Programs For A Half Termed Governor Who Was Picked By Jomcane The Mavrik And Then Went Rogue After Havin Some Disasterawful Interviews Especially With That Lamestream Media Queen Katie Couric After I Couldn't Answer Any Breakfast Newspaper Questions Durin An Interview That Later Made Me Invent Up The Terms Lamestream Media And Gotcha Journalism That Are Used Across This Great Nation Because Of Me And Also Plus Too My Realty Show That I Did On Top Of All Those Appearances I Made When Someone Like Dick Chainy Or John Kerredy Says Anything In The Least Bits Critical About Me To Make Me Jump On Over To The Studio And Do My Get Even Type Retaliates In A Supportin Role there because I think I would be able to accept the award on my behalfs and my expandin base in case the academies were thinkin about spicin up their broadcasts and makin them less lamestreamy and liberal the way thing have been goin around here these days doggonnit and big deal about Julie Ann Moore anyway.

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