Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goshdarnit, Sayin Insedentary Things Is Within Our Freedom From Information Acts And Free Speech Also Too And So Forth ...

Doggonit, youbetcha this reminds me of those days across this great nation and I am also an expert tease with these types of insedentaries, because of when my Superpac put those targets and locks and loads onto those districts which we had no responsibility for goshdarnit, then that awful shootin happened which we also had no responsibility for hashtaggit, and of course we do wish her well and all the other folks we were in no way connected with and we didn't mean anything by it once it happened, but we took the website down quicker than you can say Frontporch, Russia which was perfectly within our rights as real Americans throughout our great land to say things that we didn't really mean to excite the people to do those violet acts, but the lamestream media will probably say it was our fault if Katie Couric has her way about things like when she stepped all over me with that interview that last time I did any with the questions about not readin any newspapers which is also within my rights dingdangit because of the Freedom From Information Act that I perform when I talk my texts with Greta or Sean Hannity which of course mean no harm even if someone takes my "get-evens" and smackdowns serious when I get mad since we had our foundin fathers freedoms of speech and banner yet wavable opinions.

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