Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fuzzy Math Sounds So Cuddlesome Although It Gets Some Folks' Danders Up And So Forth ...

Doggonnit, youbetcha goshdarnit, why don't people across this great nation follow my bottom line principals and those of my expandin base of how I have figured them historically out by followin in the foresteps of our foundlin fathers and based upon my highly calculated career as facetexter, and just file some Freedom From Information papers like I do before I go onto the Fox News Greta or Hannity shows to blabforward my speak-a-lots so that this hard math problem without showin the work that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are doin can be zeroed out until they're elected up at the upcomin November primary, as I understand how this highly governed mental process works, havin myself been the groundbreakable phototype for Paul Ryan, even though I was given the "shut it" order at the convention, but the last one where I was divided by Jomcane the Mavrik when folks paid attention to my attentions, our math numbers multiplied, then I went rogue and they subtracted us there after the lamestreamer Katie Couric asked me informations which I do not recall, (especially about my house and the Russian Union) and also I forgot but just remembered we had that tagalong blockhead Joe the Plumber cancelin out our poll numbers, sendin us down the drain (LOutLOL) but nevertheless, Paul Ryan should not do repeats of these speeches from the past and this close to the debates it only adds up to take-aways.

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