Thursday, August 30, 2012

Even Though I Was Neilsen-Eddied By Fox News, I Shall Continue To Trillforth Into The Continental Divides And Ear Canals Across This Great Nation And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, what actually happened across this great TVLAND is that I self-deported myself from the FOX News chat-'N'-chew hours in support of the ticket that I so partheartedly endorsed by givin up my time and seat completely voluntarily youbetcha, yeah that's the ticket, because I needed to be donatable of those things and to limelight them over to the new me, Paul Ryan (I texted that one up this mornin while not readin the papers and newsreels) and although the lamestream media which lamely streams out from Katie Couric's mouthpieces (and her elk) will indubabably say that I was slipped some Krazy Glue lipstick after gettin all polished, painted and dimpled up to deliver my televisdoms, that was not the case, (however did I go a smidge rogue to say that Fox canceled me to protect my valuable and expandin baseprice and my widenin flanks of dearly loved ranks and files which may get me into hot water) anyways I shall mightily topple off my silenced heels as the forefathers did also disemboot themselves before me, as their scrolled wordments have been footstepped down deep into our histories by the socks of silence that have also been jammed into their longdeadly beloved mouths of freedom, just as those tubesocks have happened to me throughout our warm and fuzzy nation, as I now find that my trilltrails have been ejected and fast-forworded into the lost laundries of bygone times as I proudly wear my high-heeled snowshoes and plus too (whether that storm be manmade by man or through an act of religious freedom of speech) weather this storm in those proud and grizzlied traditions that have always beared me up durin the silently frozen eras where the icicles of freedom have been meltable through my warm air pockets, for I will also be hailed once I get back to there with thundering claps and seals of approval from those who have herd me, as I try not to beat myself over the head because of those radical clubs that have nearly extincted and endangerously specied me there and even more furthermore youbetcha, although I have been Nielsen-Eddied across this great nation, the ungobstoppable traditions that I sing out so dearly loudly of, from high atop my One Notion Bus and underneath my powdered-wiggables, will continue to forever earworm from the majestical Rocky Mountain High notes all the way into the continental drifts and ear canals of patriotism and plus also too, throughout our beloved old geysers of freedom which are hourly eruptible with the proud steam-aheads of real American prideswells which I will continue to trillforth, as history and the Jeanettecists will bear out.

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