Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Patriotic Dampenings Must Be Soaked Up And Absorbed And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, many times across this great nation I have gone on and on and on about our related patriotic and precious fluid values that have defined our nation's country, (now on a freelance or "wherever I can" basis since the convention is "OFF LIMITS", but anyway) startin from the forefathers' ales and harsh brews to the modern-day lite beers, coolers and also sports beverages which we consume in order to give us "wings" to fly up to behold our heady values that were deposited and returned upon us, includin the energy drinks that some of our younger kids are chuggin for bursts of awakedness and alertivity that must propush the next real American generation ahead towards the upcomin and future Novembers that are to come up, because these things there will trickle down to them, buildin up to a torrentable rainfall of freedom and liberty celebrated on election day, sprinklin us with victory and to reince away the last 4 years or so of our present radical and stormy government down into the storm-drains where they belong to be, as we condense our Ryan's hopes and wet Romney dreams to be absorbed into us like a red white and blue Shamwow, Akin to the magic pot of liquid gold oar spoken about into the Bible located at the end of the rainbow up ahead there for us to quicker picker up it, before it all evaptorates again if we lose.

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