Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Am Incredibly Touched In The Head To The Bottom Of My Heart And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, youbetcha I'm just so incredibly touched in the head and into my heart that this wonderful nation would allow Jomcain the Mavrik, who chose me to be the Vice-Mavrik back when then, would come out of retirement or assisted governing or whatever and so forth to restate his support for me and my family, which of course includes those members who were unmarried or extended, as does occur from time to time in every family normally across this great nation to set an example and shine our family values and standards (doubled in our case (LoutLOL)) because now the mold that I broke open due to my expandin base has been put upon Paul Ryan to be able to pick up my footsteps, just as I stepped into the feet of our founding fathers and continue to do so with the tire-treads of history pressed into the great asphalts across the country from the immense weight of my One Notion Bus (Sarah's Ark), exposin and explorin those other values besides the family ones that we hold so dear to our hearts and other places as we approach the November elections and RNC convention pep rally which befalls it, which nostalgicalistorically is like that play "I Remember Papa" which is fondly recalled for me at this time.

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