Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Youbetcha I Am Shocked That Joe O'Biden Charged Those Racially Credited Remarks On Accounts Revolvin Over All Real Americans And So Forth ...

Well dogonnit, I had to say somethin real fast there edgewords in reply to these things, since I was shut up from the convention this time around goshdarnit and squished down by Chris Christie youbetcha across this wonderful country, plus also too I happen to have expertease advice on exactly what things "drag down a ticket," back then that one time with Jomcain, pardon me, Senator Mavrik, back then at the 2008 McCain, when I was first notable with the selected wardrobes and face-firmin technologies and snappy "YouTube-level" comeback commentary insults that anchored me Bambily across the country toward my expandin base which has been fannin out there and gettin wider durin the past few years across the ungirdled fields and amber planes of waves throughout our national landscapes that I look down upon from my One Notion Sarah's Ark Bus durin my roadshows and covered plate dinner speeches that I am invited to and so graciously and humbly charge nominably for my time and talons when it comes to important political and patriotic-type subjects in the shadowed footsteps and pointed values of our forefathers' forefingers which Joe O'Biden is painfully unaware of and sticks in the very eye of history, with his hurtful and shockin comments which wounded me deeply because of my well-known dedications to these sensitive racial issues across those areas affectin those people.

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