Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilled Speech And Wah Wah And So Forth ...

Dogonnit, although the powders that be are tryin to dull down my limelights and dim my blindin shiny attention-grabbin talks at the upcomin convention that I was told to be a "no-show" at across this great nation, that does not mean that my firmly set plus patriotic jawbone and nearby gums will be unflappable durin these days for our party, as we lead up to the November primary youbetcha, just because my dearly important message points for the future of the real America at the convention over there have been unrehearsed and demoted down from any national bullhorn, because again my new motto is "don't trod on me", since I have a way of takin my expandin base and One Notion Sara's Ark bus to these media-type areas just in the knack of times to be pushin out my sayins and jabforths durin these important primetimes, also maybe I'll just use all of my combined informations and medias (but not the lamestream ones, we all know about them, thank you so very much Katie Couric, Little Miss Television Show Off Big Deal Network Interviewer Lady and Mrs. Ask-A-Lotta-Questions with your nonsense rhymes back then about my breakfast newspaper) so I can be like an outsider lookin in, with my face pressed up against the glass of freedom and the revolvin door, so that my steamtruths will fog up against the historical panes as I breathe out my very own conventions with every breath in myself.

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