Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Har Har Har Dee Har Har Bang Zoom Pow Right In The Kisser And So Forth ...

Dogonnit youbetcha, all the speechtalkin slots seem to be all given away to those members except me who "stuck with" the GOP there, like Chris Christie who I guess got the speakinspot that I was sposta get after I up and quit that job of President of Alaska to seek brighter famelights, even though many of my hardcores do remember, I did hold many places with Jomcain the Mavrik, with the fondly remembered wardrobe budgets and attention-catchin lipstick laugh lines all over my face across our great nation, but this year galldarnit I guess I'll have to watch from my One Notion Sara's Ark Bus, unless I decide to rogue again, and crash the Good Ole Party there to get a word in edgeways the way I do on the Fox programs with Greta van Hannity and Sean who always reserve a space for me unlike the powders that be runnin the convention show this time who have taken my ego and thrown it under my big bus (LoutLOL) but at least in the proud traditions of the great forefathers I can get a big sense of humor about bein left out in the swamp this time around to make room for the keynote speaker who admittedly does have a wider base than I do, or so it seems, for the reinforced stage of messages that we want to hoist up there and support him on which of course I always will remain with my loyalties and so forth.

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