Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To Be As Seen On TV Or Not To Be As Seen On TV And Could You Repeat The Question And So Forth ...

Youbetcha, I kinda gotta admit it was hard goshdarnit for some of us to hear the so-called keynode speech this time from way far away from the welcomin "WELCOME" mats of the convention there, through the insulated and vinyl-wrapped cold aluminum shell of the One Notion Bus, usin that remarkable earpiece slash hearin-aid gizmo as seen on TV on the infoprogram (shown right after that informative Victoria Principle skin tighten-up-your-frowny-face commercial with the creams and various ointments across this great nation), but from what I was able to gardner through background grunts and seat-shiftins, full-time Governor Chris did a pretty good jab up there of ungently gettin the message applied and spread all over, instead of me expandin my own sizeable base, sayin those things that I wouda should coulda saida but I was told that my services would not be necessary and insteada me they went for the so-called "bully-puppet" that I learned about through several textmails and those historical browser research "point and click" support group sessions which I go to regular since bein given the heave-ho this year from the speechperch where I once put my mighty platforms on with Jomcain the Mavrik and Joe the Plumber, although I am unresentfilled and not sadly emoticoned about it doggonit, even if the lamestream media there once again says I am or even if Katie Couric's behind a bush or bus barricade just waitin to pounce again.

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