Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Generally Eisenhower And Adelaide Stevenson Are Several Of My Heroic Figurines, And Robin Williams Will Be Hilariously Out Of This World In The Acting Portrayal Of Him And So Forth ...

Youbetcha I can't wait to be invited to the premiere of anything again and so this wonderfully hilarious story of Captain Eisenhower as portrayed by Robin "Ork from Mork" Williams across this great nation since I have much more spare time after bein told to ixnay my eech-spay at the onvention-kay (LOut-oudL-Lay) and in general, Eisenhower was able to improvide some zany "off the top of the cuff" funny military speechclicks and noisebuzzes so I can't wait to see him do that like I used to do up there with Jomcain the Mavrik and that lovable kickside Joe The Plumber with his idiosinkralities just like Robin Williams, so dearly comedial to those of us who have now been cuttinroom-floored this year, but I'm fine with that doggonit and not bitterly angry and not revengeful because anyway I get to spend more time with my family for personal reasons for several family fundraisers like other normally drab real American families do with extended grandchildren along the bus lanes whether they be the main historical co-stars of the show like his wife Mame who can be played by any number of good actors, except for Julie Ann Moore Nixon Eisenhower who is not a good portrayable actor at all and even perhaps Adelaide Stevenson because I have been doin books and research texts about so many things since I have so much more time here to talk to myself.

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