Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goshdarnit Honey, These Radical Campaigns Full Of Stings And Arrows Just Can't Beehive And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, if I've heard it once across this great nation from up in Alaska mostly, I've heard it a thousand times then youbetcha, all about the "I know you are but what am I" campaign strategy that we get told to us by the powders that be, dustin off those types of schoolyard taunts and jeerjabs that we must aim at our opponents, and then run away so that they cannot run away with their radical agendas and recipies for socialist just desserts, which is by golly what we deserve and will leave such bad tastes in our patriotic and traditionally upheld mouths if we let the Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama camp and their bakeries sell these things that our new Ryan's Hope and Romney are tryin to take back throughout this countryside, includin the purple majesty mountains and fruits sweepin down the hill like in that Oklahoman musical about Oklahoma called "Oklahoma" that many real Americans do so enjoy tappin their American values toes to, keepin these traditions and wavin heels of amber that we see from our One Notion Sarah's Ark alive, as we speed by these dots on the map and also the malls, spreadin seeds and patriotic pollen, like pridefull bees, swarmin in the truth throughout this historical country as we drive into November to find the safety of the convention hive which I am not the queen bee of this season, or at least that's the buzz I hear about it with Chris Christie now takin up all the air and airtime which at first stung me somewhat when I heard it through the grapevine because last year I was swelled with pride but now that's gone down.

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