Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Just Sayin But I'm Not Sayin Mitt Romney There Says There's A Gag Order There On What You Can't And Can't Ask About This Whole Akin Paul Ryan Mess And So Forth ...

Dogonnit, youbetcha even I coulda handled this goshdarn lamestream media thing better if they had only let me do my convention distraction speechtalkin with my cracked team of investigationist reporters and tweeters and facebookers and presshandlers and internetters and webstirrers and cosmetologers and wardrobe mistressers and hairdressers and cobblers and skintoners and necktighteners and chinstrappers and earwhisperers and trendhoppers and chartstackers and slangslingers and factgrabbers and quotepullers and lintcheckers and busdrivers and nailpolishers and bootshiners and eyebrowpencilers and madhatters and icemakers and moisturizers and feesetters and family members but I have been sadly and most face-slappinly disembarred and elbowed out by other full time Governor keyspeakers from the entire boundary and convention “per amateur” property lines and media blackout holdin pens that will be takin place and heavily armed for the hurricane across this proud nation down there around the Tampa Basin area so I was thinkin about doin one of those flyovers that were so popular durin the Katrina, when George Bush looked down and out, out down the window there with a serious concernicon plus serious jawfrowns for the future of our party’s own two feet, arms and legacies as well as our nation’s national interests because the Romney Ryan’s hope situation seems to be a high pressure system which is full of ironing because hurricanes are very low in those pressure areas as I have been informed by the barameters that measure them.

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