Monday, August 20, 2012

What's So Big About Skinny Dippin In The Sea of Galilee When I Have Been Stripped Bare And Thrown To The Undertows Without A Speech To Spoke In And So Forth ...

Doggonnit, these naked admissions of our GOPeers going for a drinkfilled swim in Israeli areas over there pail in comparison of me and my submergable troubles when it comes to the upcomin GOP Convention youbetcha, since I have been stripped bare and also thrown into the cold water of silence and Christie-creamed so as to NOT have sharable spokespoints across this great nation, seriously hamstrung which turns my quest to follow in the forefathers' footsteps like I always say I do, into some type of grotesque plus high-heeled American crawl across our wonderful country, which is a goshdarn shame, since I thought I was gonna have a cakewalk and hobble together some excellent zingers and honest to goodness snappy sayins (this time around with 50% more snappy) aimed at those policies that the radical Washington establishin elements over there have decided to backstroke to us real Americans as we cherish those coverings of parchment that preserve our heritages and our dignity not only in overseas waters, but also the oceans of the Potomac, where George Washington once and fully clothed, stood in a crossed boat, scotchguarded by the equally dressed Paul Revere and his silver horse ridin through other above-sea-level towns and valleys where he said famously, one if dry land, two if by seas which I believe is the skinny on that, as we dip into the November event to buoy up our Ryan's hope and Romney team, swimmin those laps to get the gold and take it back without apologizin with our pants down and so forth.

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