Thursday, August 16, 2012

Y'All Come Back Now But Not Here To Hear Me And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, here and now one of our Tea Party men across this great nation is bein hound-hammered dogonnit for drawlin his vocal stylins a little toward the audience that he was speechtalkin with which is necessary because I have done so with my many talkblasts throughout this wonderful nation when disembussing from my One Notion Sarah's Ark and find myself faced with different lookin faces across real America that demand that I speak at them except of course at the Republican Convention this time where y'all told me to get back on the bus and where did you ride in from type comments so just keep rollin Sister and the Rafalca you rode in on, but that's another story for me to go on and on about later with the way Chris Christie gobbled up my timeslot, however when the fine young Josh Mandelbrought some down-home pickins and grinnins to his speech there reminds me of when I was doin a thing down along the Mensa Company where I was there on a pass and found myself usin big ole words such as "research" and "verify" and was faced with variously strange tongues and factcheckin methods which weakened my thumbs fiddle-dee-dee for the facebookin and tweeterin method I have become integrated with when adoptin those accents and regionalismatic countrytime vapors and hayseed twangins and also when Noreasterly with the famous Connecticut-jaw accent adapters when pronouncin several words up there such as "top drawerrrrrr."

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