Monday, August 6, 2012

The Curiosities Of Mars Are A Wonderful Question Mark For The Lunar Rover In Our Solar System And So Forth ...

Dogonnit, it is such a goshdarn wonderful event that I must weigh in on up there youbetcha for our continent across this great nation for us to be drivin the lunar rover onto those solar system planets with spooky Martian habitats that we have enjoyed from coast to coast, in those proud American traditions that Jomcain the Mavrik and I upheld durin the GOP convention down here on our own planet, with various discoveries, journeys and wardrobes that we were pressure fitted into across the universe (although we did not use space materials or heat-shieldin lipsticks then), much like those tours I now host on my One Notion Bus where we greet the real earthbound Americans to boldly blastoff to where no man has gone to before, much like Newt Gingrich, one of our forefathers, proposed about goin to the moon Alice, with its vast colonies and waterways, holdin several opportunities for us to take the country back in November, or at least move to a place where the weightless grip of socialism that has now entered our atmospheres there in Washington can be a far away thing (much like our Russian neighbor Alaska) to be jetted to go somewhere else, which is the great traditional way which commenced countdown with Paul Revere, ignitin upon his horse Rafalca, reachin for the stars while ringin those British bells to warn us all of the future exploratory operations to come someday in a galaxy far, far, up, up, and away.

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