Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Laffin On The Outside, Spyin On The Inside Cause I Can't Get Inside And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit youbetcha it must be fun to be one of the insider people this time, invited to be inside the convention I mean, insteada lurkin outside in the rain from a big One Notion Bus like this year since they ran out of space for speaktalkin once Chris Christie took over the area that I and millions of others assumed I would be takin up like the last time over there, all shined up and strapped in with the Mavrik Jomcain and Joe The Plumber but now I just feel so drained since bein told to pipe down and plus also I'd have to wear a funnier nose and mustache glasses to snake past the bouncers because from what my sore says are textin me from their advantage points near the barbwire, there's a picture of me with a "DO NOT ADMIT HER IN" sticker slapped on it, pasted right across the mouth as things are gettin goin, with Mitt there talkin about all his negative and quite frankly, awful and terrible setbacks plus weak campaign slumps to sound like they were Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama's fault which is how I remember us doin the blamey game when I used to get told those notes and rules before I was left in the lurch of my past sparkly glories, the dry dust of forgotten words and phrasemakins kicked up into my eye by the heels of our great forefathers and treated like that singer Pariah Carey Nation doggonnit, because they're afraid I'll go all rogue and bust up the place with an axe or some media grabbin poutlights or a Mister Miss Microphone to take away from the relevant talks that are scheduled then.

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