Friday, August 3, 2012

Jomcain The Mavrik Has Good Advice For Mitt Romney To Pick Vice Presidents, And So Forth ...

Dogonnit, those wise words spoken on my behoof by the great Mavrik Jomcain there, in response to those "Dick" pardon me, "Vice President Cheney" comments the other day when he was influenced by the lamestream opinion medias there who said I was not properly vetted across this great nation in the traditions of our wonderful forefathers includin Paul Revere with his bells and whatnot which I have modernized with my One Notion Bus trips instead of a high horse that "Paul" pardon me, "Senator Revere" and the horse he rode in on speaks to, about those great patriotic things that I did and have done throughout my career and experiences up and over the wonderful real America that I continue to see and vulcanize, as the Senator so greatly put it with those observances as to what I was involved in, includin the snappy sayins and quick comebacks that seem to come out of nowhere on my facebooks and tweets with my thumb on the pulse of those current events Greta, pause for effect across this great continent that we are so, so privileged to be able to live in, for each and every state that we are able to sanforize with those traditional values.

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